IP Infusion OcNOS 6.3 Available Now

We are pleased to announce that OcNOS 6.3 is now Generally Available.  We have introduced a wide range of platforms with a broad range of new features for our Aggregation Router, Cell Site Router, Data Center and Routed Optical Networking products.

With 6.3 our ecosystem has been strengthened with a richer software feature set. This enables service providers and data centers to realize power savings and promote metro and long-haul IPoDWDM, BGP DDoS prevention, Convergence, and migration strategies for segment routing (SR and SRv6).

New Platform Highlights Include:

New Feature Highlights Include:

  • Enables Service Providers and Data Centers to realize power savings
  • Promotes Metro and long-haul IPoDWDM
  • BGP DDoS prevention
  • SR and SRv6 convergence benefits – BGP PIC Edge
  • SR and SRv6 migration strategies – Qumran2 solution
  • Rollback configurations

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Kelly LeBlanc is the Chief Marketing and Product Officer for IP Infusion.