Enabling your network services using OcNOS™

Growing demand from new use cases such as IoT, 5G will trigger investment across all network domains. The networks today are vertically integrated, proprietary, and deployed in hardware, they are difficult to upgrade and manage. These factors make it difficult for service providers to roll out new services in a timely fashion. Find out how IP Infusion can help you transform your network infrastructure using open disaggregated solutions.
IP Infusion can help service providers solve their networking challenges through a variety of industry-proven solutions, ranging from Internet Exchange Points to Mobile Backhaul. The OcNOS network operating system can be used for network solutions for a variety of use cases and needs. This network operating system has features which range from an entry-level enterprise switch to a transport grade service requirements. The OcNOS network operating system is being deployed worldwide in a wide range of networking applications.

Use Cases

Provider Edge & Cloud Gateway


Cell Site Router

Data Center


Passive Optical Network (PON)

DCI & Metro Optical Network

Internet Exchange Point (IXP)