August 20, 2019
Disaggregation brightens the prospect for Edge

Dhiman Deb Chowdhury August, 2019 Today, cloud and virtualization are increasingly pushing the need to abolish hierarchical construct of network to a simpler and dynamic flat service-oriented infrastructure. And, it is for good reason: create non-blocking architecture, reduce cost and complexity and improve latency and manageability of the network. As network flattened, tiered notion of […]

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July 10, 2019
768K Day – Internet Doomsday? Is it real?

Dhiman Deb Chowdhury July, 2019 There is an ominous rumbling in the internet about 768K day, some even termed it internet doomsday others called it “Y2K” of internet. The fear is justified given the experience of wide spread internet outage during 512K day when internet BGP table size exceeded 512,000 routes. The 512K day caused […]

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April 22, 2019
Breaking the barrier to Service: Delivering webscale performance at Edge

Dhiman Deb Chowdhury Feb, 2019 Today, most businesses don’t need any convincing argument about how digital transformation can enhance their agility. The pressing question is how to onboard more and more consumers and how to provide improve service through differentiated offerings. Given the pivotal role of networks in this era of cloud-powered enterprise, low-cost-per bit […]

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April 12, 2018
Segment Routing: A scalable way for end-end traffic engineering

SR Overview: Network operators have invested significant effort in reducing the operational complexity of the networks and rely on a small set of protocols. With global SDN controllers, the need for simpler traffic engineering and managing traffic flows is even more important. Segment Routing (SR) is a technology which promises to offer the best of […]

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July 31, 2017
Growing Your Data Center Efficiently

Data centers of various scales are designed with growth in mind. Over the evolution of data center designs, few technologies have been proven to be the optimal choices for expansion and in-service expansion has become the new critical SLA for data centers. As expected, these fall either in the category of a proprietary or a […]

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