Evolving with Change: Open a New Chapter in Networking with IP Infusion

How IP Infusion carries the torch of innovation, once held by Juniper, providing open networking solutions to disrupt the status quo.

We understand. Change is in the air, and the recent acquisition of Juniper by HPE marks a significant shift in the landscape. At IP Infusion, we hold a deep respect for the pioneering spirit and innovative solutions that defined Juniper in its prime.

Beyond the Familiar: A Spark of New Inspiration

Perhaps, like Juniper in its early days, you’re a system integrator or service provider who thrives on pushing boundaries and defying expectations. You built your success on a foundation of disruption, and now, you sense a yearning for something more. Maybe the familiar solutions that served you well no longer ignite the same spark of inspiration.

IP Infusion: Rekindling the Disruptive Spirit

IP Infusion isn’t here to replace your legacy, but rather, to reignite the innovative spirit that lives within you. We offer a future-proof approach to networking, one that embraces openness and empowers you to redefine the game. Here’s how we can help you break free and explore new possibilities:

  • Open the Gates of Choice: Leave behind the limitations of single-vendor solutions. Embrace the freedom and flexibility of open networking. Choose the best-of-breed hardware and software that perfectly aligns with your unique needs.
  • Disrupt with Confidence: Don’t compromise on functionality. Our flagship disaggregated NOS, OcNOS, delivers carrier-grade performance and a comprehensive feature set, rivaling the industry giants.
  • Unleash Your Inner Architect: Design and build networks that are truly optimized. Our open hardware ecosystem gives you access to a wider range of validated white boxes, empowering you to craft the perfect network architecture.
  • Break Free from the Clock: Time is of the essence. The open nature of our solutions streamlines network upgrades and deployments. No longer are you bound by the lead times of a single vendor.

Embrace the Evolution: A New Chapter Awaits

The spirit of innovation that fueled Juniper’s rise can still be yours. In an industry where acquisitions and changes in ownership can introduce uncertainties, the consistent track record of IP Infusion for over 25 years, assures users that OcNOS is not just a passing trend but a solution backed by a reputable and enduring company. At IP Infusion, we’re here to partner with you in this exciting new chapter. Let’s redefine industry expectations and disrupt the status quo together.

Contact IP Infusion today. Together, let’s unlock the true potential of your network and write the next chapter of your disruptive journey.

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Victor Khen is the Partner Marketing Manager for IP Infusion.