IP Maestro: Visual Interface And Network Automation Platform For OcNOS

Graphical management interface comes to OcNOS. Point-and-click network management interface for OcNOS deployments of any size.

OcNOS For Service Providers

Advanced and complete networking software platform for service providers of any size. OcNOS SP provides a complete solution for mobile backhaul, access networks, aggregation and metro networks. Support for advanced capabilities such as SR-MPLS and IP over DWDM with 400G ZR/ZR+ optics is available in OcNOS SP.

OcNOS For Data Center: Data Center Leaf, Spine And Top-of-Rack

Open standards networking for web-scale and cloud environments. OcNOS DC can be used to build both Layer-3 and Layer-2 Data Center fabric as it provides a rich set of control plane features, providing robust quality, ensuring lower costs and at the same time providing vendors with a best-of-breed selection for hardware platforms. Support for advanced capabilities such as EVPN-VxLAN and IP over DWDM is available in OcNOS DC.

OcNOS Routed Optical Networking

Optical transport software platform to simplify multi-layer networking. OcNOS RON supports Interconnecting Edge Data Centers, Fiber Backhaul for RAN densification, Metro Ring Topology and Service Provider Traffic Longhaul use cases.

OcNOS® Virtual Machine

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