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Drive efficiency, reduce power consumption, save space, and boost network capacity in your Metro Networks and Data Center Interconnect (DCI) with the IP Infusion and Ciena converged packet/optical solution.

This solution combines IP Infusion’s carrier-grade OcNOS with Ciena’s advanced 400G ZR/ZR+ optics, offering seamless open-standard interoperability with optical line systems (OLS) for a streamlined, end-to-end experience.

OcNOS Qualified Ciena 400G ZR/ZR+ Transceivers

OcNOS Qualified Hardware Platforms with
Ciena 400G ZR/ZR+ Transceiver Support

ZR+ Transceiver Tuning on Router is Here

ZR+ revolutionized networking by simplifying management, reducing power, space, cost, and latency – all by replacing the entire optical transponder network element

Most of the transponder’s functions have been incorporated into ZR+ transceivers: signal conversion, optical modulation, and signal amplification. But the transponder also was responsible for access and management of these parameters. Now the router has the management role.

OcNOS uses OpenConfig and CMIS to manage transceivers. The following parameters can be access and tuned:

  1. Laser & frequency grid tuning
  2. O/P Power
  3. Modulation & FEC (Via Applications)
  4. Monitoring
  5. Alarms
  6. Diagnostics (Loopback & PRBS)
  7. User Thresholds

Transceiver tuning on router enables network engineers with better control over the OLS and ensures faster network upgrades and adaptability to any OLS changes with the help of Tx output Power tuning. Generally, ZR+ transceivers are tuned once, when intially deployed, which is not ideal for every use case. 

Centralized Management for ZR+ Transceivers with IP Infusion EMS, IP Maestro

IP Infusion offers an innovative element management system (EMS), IP Maestro, for network monitoring and management. Based on OpenConfig and Netconf, IP Maestro brings the power of centralized management to the user via a web-based graphical user interface. IP Maestro allows real-time monitoring of the ZR and ZR+ transceiver status. 

Key Use Cases for IP Infusion OcNOS and Ciena ZR+ Solution

Peace of Mind Network Upgrades with
IP Infusion End-to-End Shopping Experience

Simplify your next network upgrade: Leverage IP Infusion’s OcNOS on white box platforms with Ciena’s 400G ZR/ZR+ pluggables and 24/7 support, all from IP Infusion. 

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