World-Class Customer Support Around the Globe.
Call us for OcNOS™ support at toll free +1-866-994-1279.


We’re here when our customers and partners need help to deploy or sell our full line of network operating systems and platforms. Whether it’s getting product information quickly or troubleshooting and resolving an issue, we’re here to assure our customers can fully take advantage of the many benefits of our supported platforms.

IP Infusion provides comprehensive customer support services for customers who have purchased support and maintenance contracts for IP Infusion products. We offer 24 x 7 support through the customers-only online support website, technical documentation, regular maintenance releases, support FAQs, and email support.

Existing customers can access the technical assistance center by logging into their own secure account here.


Support for OcNOS

IP Infusion Software Support Services provides 24 X 7 support to our global customers for the OcNOS product. This includes email, voice and access to the ticket tracking system. This support is available to our customers, partners as well as resellers. Our constant endeavor is to ensure high quality of support and responsiveness in meeting the ever-changing and challenging needs of our customer.

IP Infusion offers the following software maintenance and support models:

Support Type L1/L2/L3 L3
Provided By IP Infusion L1/L2 by channel partner; L3 by IP Infusion
Voice Currently 16 x 5 support between 5AM PST to 9PM PST (24×7 support in early 2017) Voice support by channel partner
Email 24×7 Email Access 24×7 Email Access
Online ticket tracking system 24×7 Access to end customer 24×7 Access to channel partner

Support for VirNOS

VirNOS is available on a subscription model. The subscription includes support and maintenance of the software in addition to the license rights. Customers with an active subscription have access to a range of support.

Customers have 24 X 7 access to the email and online trouble ticketing system.

  • Customers are provided access to IP Infusion’s ticket tracking tool, using which they can create tickets and check the progress.
  • The customer support hours are 9 AM to 6 PM India time on weekdays.
  • Voice support is not be available to these customers.

Support for ZebOS

IP Infusion’s support portal gives customers an insight into the ZebOS maintenance branches and their release schedules. Some of the key features of the support the website, which is accessible via log-in, include:

  • Technical assistance center with a secure account and password
  • Ability to request technical support, and check the status of your cases, via a Web-based ticket tracking system
  • Product Documentation
  • Release Notes
  • Support FAQs