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IP Infusion provides round the clock support over the phone for all critical issues and support all the customer licenses purchased from IP Infusion. Our mission is to ensure high quality of support and responsiveness in meeting the ever-changing and challenging needs of our customer. IPInfusion provides comprehensive customer support services for customers who have purchased support and maintenance contracts for IP Infusion products. We offer 24 x 7 support through the customers-only online support website, technical documentation, regular maintenance releases, support FAQs, and email support. Existing customers can access the technical assistance center by logging into their own secure account here.


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OcNOS End of Sales / End of Life

Release VersionRelease DateEoS DateEoL
OcNOS 6.3.5 MR01/Jul/2401/Jul/2701/Jul/30
OcNOS 6.3.4 MR22/Jan/2422/Jan/2722/Jan/30
OcNOS 6.4.2 MR10/Dec/2310/Dec/2610/Dec/29
OcNOS 6.4.131/Oct/2331/Oct/202631/Oct/2029
OcNOS 6.3.3 MR16/Oct/2316/Oct/2616/Oct/29
OcNOS 6.3.231/Aug/2331/Aug/202631/Aug/2029
OcNOS 6.3.114/Jul/2314/Jul/202614/Jul/2029
OcNOS 6.3.025/May/2325/May/202625/May/2029
OcNOS 6.0.328/Feb/2328/Feb/202628/Feb/2029
OcNOS 6.2.031/Jan/2331/Jan/202631/Jan/2029
OcNOS 6.0.22/Dec/222/Dec/20252/Dec/2028
OcNOS 6.1.116/Nov/2216/Nov/202516/Nov/2028
OcNOS 6.1.031/Oct/2231/Oct/202531/Oct/2028
OcNOS 6.0.123/Sep/2223/Sep/202523/Sep/2028
OcNOS 6.0.012/Aug/2212/Aug/202512/Aug/2028
OcNOS 5.1 MR2/May/222/May/20252/May/2028
OcNOS 5.17/Mar/227/Mar/257/Mar/28
OcNOS 5.029/Oct/2129/Oct/2429/Oct/27
OcNOS 4.226/Jul/2126/Jul/2426/Jul/27
OcNOS 4.131/Mar/2131/Mar/2431/Mar/27
OcNOS 4.027/Jan/2127/Jan/2427/Jan/27
OcNOS 3.15/Nov/205/Nov/235/Nov/26
OcNOS 3.028/Sep/2028/Sep/2328/Sep/26
OcNOS 1.03/Jun/203/Jun/233/Jun/26
OcNOS 1.3.824/Feb/2024/Feb/2324/Feb/26
OcNOS 1.3.924/Feb/2024/Feb/2324/Feb/26
OcNOS 1.3.76/Aug/196/Aug/226/Aug/25
OcNOS 1.0 ED26/May/196/May/226/May/25
OcNOS 1.3.630/Apr/1930/Apr/2230/Apr/25
OcNOS 1.3.531/Oct/1831/Oct/2131/Oct/24
OcNOS 1.3.43/Aug/183/Aug/213/Aug/24
OcNOS 1.3.3-GA216/Apr/1816/Apr/2116/Apr/24
OcNOS 1.3.39/Jan/189/Jan/219/Jan/24
OcNOS 1.3.04/Nov/174/Nov/204/Nov/23
OcNOS 1.3.14/Nov/174/Nov/204/Nov/23
OcNOS 1.3.216/Oct/1716/Oct/2016/Oct/23