Graham Wooden From Uniti Talks About Comparing Hardware Costs With IP Infusion

“5 times fold increase in interfaces available to us at basically 1/3rd the cost of a grey market line card.”

Alan Fagan Of EPS Global Discussing Support For Open Networking

“In our experience with customers where we were deployed, most of the time they actually find the support better: They have better access to the technical resources within like an IP Infusion than with a traditional vendor, and typically they’re pleasantly surprised.”

Randy Horn Of Vyve Broadband Talks About The Portability of OcNOS

"The biggest surprise was how well it all worked at the end of the day."

Howard Holton Of GigaOm Talks About Mitigating Supply Chain Problems

“One of the huge advantages of disaggregation is the hardware and software are separate, so I can in fact use a heterogeneous supply chain. I can get my hardware from multiple vendors to mitigate my supply chain concerns in the future, and still manage them using the same software layer.”