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With the explosive growth in digital technologies, the demands on the network have grown exponentially and network operators are challenged every day with the need to deliver massive scale and new services—all at lower costs. Traditional ways of building and operating the network are no longer sufficient, and a new approach is needed to meet the challenges.
As a leading provider of network solutions for telecom and data communications operators, IP Infusion is breaking the bottleneck by accelerating network disaggregation. Our innovative solutions enable operators to build flexible, high-capacity infrastructure that allows them to introduce new services with agility, while reducing total cost of ownership.
We deliver open, standards-based solutions that span from the edge of the network, through the transport layer to multi-cloud environments.
With more than 20 years of expertise in network operating systems, we are a proven leader in delivering validated, carrier-grade solutions, with hundreds of customers and thousands of deployments. Our advanced support services allow you to make the transition with a high degree of confidence and reassurance.
Our network OS can be used on white box platforms across multiple use cases such as Universal CPE, data centers, disaggregated Cell Site Routers and gateways for 5G deployments, provider edge, and optical and packet transport applications. IP Infusion has a full range of network OS options to address these use-cases.
IP Infusion has been delivering enterprise and carrier-grade software solutions with Advanced Network Services, allowing network operators to reduce network costs, increase flexibility, and to deploy new features and services quickly. Customers choose IP Infusion because we provide seamless migration to disaggregated networking without compromising functionality, enabling them to accelerate their time to revenue.
GigaOm, an independent technology and analysis firm, has recognized IP Infusion as a leader in its GigaOm Radar Report for Network Operating Systems, rating IP Infusion as a leader and fast mover due to its completeness of portfolio, innovation and maturity of solution. According to GigaOm, “with over 20 years’ experience providing NOS solutions, IP Infusion’s rich pedigree guarantees you won’t get fired for choosing this company.”
Analysys Mason, a global leader in TMT management consulting, named IP Infusion the leading communications service provider (CSP) network operating system (NOS) vendor. In its 2021 report, Analysys Mason calls IP Infusion the market leader in terms of disaggregation capabilities, experience, open-source credentials and the number of CSP customers that are deploying their solutions.
IP Infusion was recognized for its broad range of use case deployments in CSPs of all sizes and its rich heritage of open-source routing, broad hardware and silicon support, carrier-grade products and production deployments.
Our Products and Solutions
The OcNOS ® network operating system is the industry’s first full-featured network OS for white box systems, with a rich control plane that enables operators to make the transition to a disaggregated network. Homegrown at IP Infusion, OcNOS is an enterprise and carrier-grade network operating system for Open Compute hardware. OcNOS allows for easier implementation of large-scale IT networks, and offers customers white box solutions to deploy more quickly. OcNOS provides seamless transition from traditional networks to open networks with investment protection. OcNOS gives network operators, carriers and enterprises the physical software solution needed to achieve the disaggregated networking model.
We also offer commercial support for DANOS-Vyatta edition. AT&T selected IP Infusion as a strategic partner for this hardened version of open-source DANOS that runs in AT&T’s production network. We have now also extended our portfolio to include support of the commercial SONiC distribution for use in operators’ data centers.
To simplify the consumption model and remove the operational barrier, we offer IP Infusion PRO and IP Infusion FAST as turnkey solutions, leveraging the company’s broad and deep industry ecosystem to build an all-encompassing approach to easier operations. IP Infusion PRO integrates pre-loaded OcNOS with industry leading web-scale open switching platforms from Edgecore Networks, eliminating the traditional integration pain points for network operators. IP Infusion FAST, a field-proven, ready-to-deploy networking solution featuring platforms from UfiSpace, provides solutions with well-defined, market-proven products that have been full system validated and tested for interoperability.
Industry Partners and Customers
IP Infusion is an active member of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), a global community of companies and organizations that’s driving infrastructure solutions to advance global connectivity. IP Infusion’s solutions are fully compliant with TIP specifications and we contribute to the Open Optical Transport group on projects such as Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG), Cassini, Phoenix, and others. We are partnering with members of the TIP ecosystem to solve real-life customer problems, such as delivering a DCSG solution to Asia Pacific Telecom in Taiwan for their 5G network rollout. Many customers around the world are deploying OcNOS solutions including Mundo Pacifico, VTS, The London Internet Exchange, Evonet, Afibone, and VOCALTRANSIT.
Our customers include leading network operators across the globe. We partner closely with leading hardware and technology providers to build an ecosystem of partners and solutions to advance network disaggregation.
Delivering Innovation Since 1999
For more than 20 years IP Infusion has been delivering enterprise and carrier-grade software solutions, allowing network operators to reduce network costs, increase flexibility, and to deploy new features and services quickly.
Known as a leader in carrier-grade open networking with an unparalleled control plane, IP Infusion’s proven, robust networking solutions are based on the OcNOS network platform, the world’s most comprehensive standards-based Layer 2, Layer 3, and MPLS/MPLS-TP network platform, that’s designed to help build network devices for future-proof networks. Over 350 customers worldwide, including major networking equipment manufacturers, use the respected OcNOS platform to build networks to address the evolving needs of cloud, carrier and mobile networking.
IP Infusion At-A-Glance
  • We enable disaggregated networking solutions for carriers, service providers and data center operators
  • Solution provider of the OcNOS network operating system
  • Integrator and customer service provider for DANOS-Vyatta edition and Commercial Sonic Distribution
  • 20 years of innovative network software solutions
  • More than 350 customers
  • Thousands of deployments
  • Open-source routing innovator
  • Headquartered in Santa Clara, California
  • Acquired Northforge Innovations, an expert software consulting and development company, in July 2018
  • Wholly owned and independently operated subsidiary of ACCESS CO., LTD.