IP Infusion’s ZebOS-XP allows NEMs to rapidly add networking capabilities
to their new or existing lines of communications products.

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ZebOS®-XP (ZebOS Extended Performance) network platform is designed to meet the needs of all of today’s high performance terabit scale networks and devices. ZebOS-XP is a highly-evolved modular operating system that builds on more than 13+ years of innovation and experience in high-performance switching and routing. ZebOS-XP has its roots in the original ZebOS operating system used worldwide in business-critical networks. This next generation network platform is a complete hardware-software-service solution. The ZebOS-XP platform infrastructure was created from the ground up to address these high demands of scale and performance in mission critical mobile backhaul, carrier transport, and data center networks. ZebOS-XP continues to be based on split control plane design and supports all hardware and software supported in legacy ZebOS software release versions 7.10.x or earlier. Performance and feature scalability is an integral part of ZebOS-XP. It’s designed to support current and future multiprocessor hardware platforms, helping ensure scalability well into the future. With its modular building-block approach, IP Infusion ZebOS-XP allows quick and easy integration of new technology innovations. Customers can be assured of strong investment protection because of the modular flexibility of the IP Infusion ZebOS-XP design.
This design approach also helps ensure simplified portability for consistent deployment across multiple platforms.
  • Resilient: Provides critical business-class availability
  • Modular: Capable of extending network capabilities to evolve with business needs and provide extended lifecycles
  • Portable: For consistency across platforms
  • Secure: Protect and preserve data and preserve data and operations
  • Flexible: Integrate and enable new technologies
  • Scalable: Accommodates and grows with the business and its requirements
  • Easy to use: Reduces the amount of learning required, simplify deployment, and ease of manageability
  With ZebOS-XP Release 1.5, features include:
  • SDN-ready: Hooks for software-defined networking including support for multi-slotted chassis designs and large scale, multi-tenant virtual networking.
  • Even more scalability: To ensure greater support for current and future multiprocessor hardware platforms, scale your network capacity even further well into the future.
  • Increased high availability: Delivers continuous, predictable, critical business-class availability for business operations continuity, including automatic fault isolations and containment
  • More security: With the demands of today’s high performance terabit scale networks and devices, ZebOS-XP provides greater security to protect and preserve data and operations.
  • End-to-end solution: Going beyond just offering software, the ZebOS-XP network software platform is a complete hardware-software-services solution.