OcNOS Virtual Machine

Network disaggregation at the WAN Edge with Open SD-Edge platform

Open SD-Edge is powered by DANOS-Vyatta edition (DVe), carrier-targeted NOS that AT&T has broadly deployed across multiple white box use cases.

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The Open SD-Edge platform has been optimized for cloud connectivity, at the branch and cloud edges of the network, and delivers operational simplicity, agile, virtualized services at the highest price-performance and lowest total cost of ownership.

Powered by DANOS-Vyatta edition, Open SD-Edge solutions are available as a Virtualized Network Function (VNF), and a flexible set of white box hardware, backed by carrier grade support. Three target Open SD-Edge use cases are supported:

  • Universal SD-Edge -- Offers next generation of uCPE solutions at the WAN Edge for connecting distributed branches and Enterprises to hybrid cloud environments. Provides Enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) the increased agility to add new services and lower operational costs. New services can be deployed quickly by onboarding third-party VNFs such as Firewall, SD-WAN, and WAN optimization.

  • Branch SD-Edge -- Available in a white-box or virtual form-factor for securely interconnecting branch or distributed offices and migrating workloads to the cloud.

  • Virtual SD-Edge -- Available in virtual form-factor to securely extend VPN to the public or private cloud and deliver scalable WAN, Security and CG-NAT functions.

Open SD-Edge solutions are built on a common DANOS-Vyatta edition NOS platform, which is based on the Linux Foundation DANOS open source Network Operating System, the only open source, carrier-focused NOS platform. AT&T has broadly deployed DANOS-Vyatta edition in thousands of devices for both fixed and mobile networks.

Why IP Infusion

The Open SD-Edge platform supports a range of uCPE use cases and delivers a platform for operational simplicity, agile deployment of virtualized services and lower CAPEX, leading to reduced total cost of ownership. It includes white box hardware, DANOS-Vyatta edition, and hosts third-party Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) for SD-WAN, routing, VPN, and firewall support for VNFs on a general-purpose appliance. This eliminates the need for stacks of proprietary equipment and software that require specialized IT skills to install, configure, and maintain.

Future Ready

Open, flexible platform enabling service providers to deliver best-in-class software defined services with simplicity

Powered by DANOS-Vyatta edition

Carrier grade, deployed by AT&T

24x7 advanced product support

Packaged with hardware and VNFs; leading control plane and open source expertise; choice of third-party VNF applications


  • Flexible platform enabling virtualized services for the multi-cloud environment

  • Common, open platform that replaces multiple appliances, streamlining operations while reducing CapEx and OpEx

  • Disaggregation solution offers best-in-class services and technologies, which are backed by IP Infusion’s Advanced Network Services including 24x7 support

  • Highest Price-Performance to enable greater revenue producing services

  • Proven DANOS-Vyatta edition NOS platform ensures that disaggregation does not compromise on control and management plane functionality