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As more and more service providers are moving to disaggregated networking, they are facing operational challenges in adopting diverse supplier environments. In order to minimize this operational barrier, service providers need turnkey solutions to efficiently procure, manage, trouble shoot and perform a myriad of other operational functions.  Introducing IP Infusion’s Turnkey Solutions which leverage the company’s broad and deep industry ecosystem to build an all-encompassing approach to easier operations.

Transform your network economics with
industry leading ecosystem partners

Integrates OcNOS® with Edgecore’s open switching platforms for access, aggregation, optical transport and data center networks. 

Turnkey Solutions targeting Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG)

Ideal Turnkey Solutions for Universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE)
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This all-in-one procurement process allows service providers and channel partners to select and order the state-of-the-art networking equipment all in one step. These solutions deliver streamlined procurement, workflow automation, and high-performance networking platforms at significantly reduced CapEx and OpEx.

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