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Why Choose IP Infusion FAST?

IP Infusion FAST solutions are preloaded with the OcNOS network operating system on industry proven UfiSpace platforms to enable the implementation of a wide range of applications. Operators can shorten their deployment time by taking advantage of production-ready solutions for service provider access, and aggregation networks. Service providers can have the confidence that these solutions are already being used by global tier-one telecoms.

“Faster innovation and flexibility in adopting the latest technology is the top driver for leading operators to adopt disaggregated networks. The operational complexity of dealing with multiple vendors and a lack of standards/immature standards are the top barriers to adopting open and disaggregated optical networks.”  2020 Global Operator Survey

IP Infusion FAST enables faster innovation with greater flexibility, at the same time removes the barriers to help service providers adopt and accelerate network disaggregation.

We provide world-class support. Need help? Our experts are there 24/7 to troubleshoot any hardware or software issue you may have.

Fast innovation. Faster time-to-market

Solutions are packed with innovations, built on best-of-breed hardware and software packages that are ready for faster market deployments.

Accelerate network disaggregation with best-of-breed solutions

Wide selection of software and hardware choices that are pre-integrated, tested, and proven

Simplifying operations

Single point of contact for support. Seamless integration with existing network. Streamlining new service deployments

Turnkey solutions remove procurement pain point

Everything you need for procurement, from ordering to deployment and support is all in one place


OcNOS – Unified Platform, Multiple Use Cases

OcNOS (Open Compute Network Operating System) is a robust, programmable and innovative operating system, featuring a single software image that runs across the entire portfolio of Open Compute platforms from leading network device vendors. This guarantees consistent operations, workflow automation and high availability, while significantly reducing capital and operational expenses.

OcNOS is a modular, multi-tasking network operating system, with tight integration capabilities on commodity hardware. This design allows for scaled and performance critical deployments. Operators can use OcNOS in various network deployment scenarios. The broad portfolio of IP Infusion FAST addresses the following use cases that are highly sought by leading network operators and data center providers.

Refer to the table below for the latest available hardware platforms. For a complete ordering SKUs, check out the IP Infusion FAST Product Brief.

Solution Platform Description

IP Infusion FAST S9500
Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway


Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway, 1/10/25/40/100G speeds, 300Gbps capacity

IP Infusion FAST S9501


Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway, 100M/1G/2.5G/10G speeds, 120/64Gbps capacity

Aggregation Router*


Disaggregated Aggregation Router (DAR), 100G speeds, 4Tbs capacity

Fronthaul Gateway*


Fronthaul Gateway (FHG), 10/25/40/100/200G speeds

(*) Coming soon

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