Please Join Us For Our Upcoming Webinar Featuring Uniti and EPS Global

Webinar Featuring Uniti and EPS Global

I am pleased to announce the latest in our series of informational webinars with industry leaders in networking. Upcoming December 6, I will be hosting “A Practical Guide To Disaggregated Networks: Uniti, EPS Global and IP Infusion Present Keys To Success.” My guests will be Graham Wooden, Senior Director of IP Services, Backbone/Core Engineering, for Uniti, and Alan Fagan, Director of Sales, North America, for EPS Global.

Webinar Featuring Uniti and EPS Global

Uniti is a leading provider of infrastructure solutions for the telecommunications industry, renowned for its robust network and cutting-edge technology offerings. With a focus on delivering high-capacity, scalable fiber-optic connectivity, Uniti empowers businesses and communities with reliable, high-speed internet access, data transport, and customized solutions tailored to specific needs. Their commitment to innovation and their extensive fiber footprint enables them to serve a diverse range of industries. Uniti owns and services more than 8 million strand miles of fiber across the country.

EPS Global is a value-added distributor of networking solutions with a global customer base, servicing some of the biggest industry customers with innovative and custom technology solutions for telecommunications and networking. EPS has long been an IP Infusion partner, and is responsible for some of our biggest successes in recent history.

Our webinar will be focused on providing a practical guide to disaggregated network deployment through the trials and tribulations of a newly deployed project with Uniti. Network disaggregation can be a significant undertaking for any organization, but even more so for a large publicly traded entity such as Uniti. Being a publicly traded company, timely upgrades and equipment acquisitions must be designed not only for performance, but to provide shareholder value to the company.

Working with IP Infusion and EPS Global, Uniti realized several significant and immediate benefits:

  • 80% reduction on power consumption
  • Reduction of lead times on hardware acquisitions
  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX costs
  • Top-notch support

 “The ceiling has been hit with our monolithic chassis deployments and the time is now to start scaling out,” said Graham Paul Wooden of Uniti.

Uniti saw network disaggregation as the next evolution of their network. Considerable time and effort went to this decision, and any organization considering this technology now or in the future will find useful information that may guide decision making in our webinar.

Kelly LeBlanc is the Chief Marketing and Product Officer for IP Infusion.