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A Practical Guide to Disaggregated Networks:
Uniti, EPS Global and IP Infusion Present Keys to Success

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Watch our webinar to learn how open networking can help you save up to 80% reduction on power consumption, increase your network capacity and performance, and future-proof your network.


About the Speakers

Kelly LeBlanc from IP Infusion has worked in the network disaggregation and open networking software market since the beginning. In this Webinar, she welcomes two leading experts in the industry for the discussion.

Graham Wooden from Uniti is a seasoned Network and Systems Engineering professional with 25 years of experience. In his current role, Graham is supporting Uniti’s Internet Services as a Senior Director of Engineering. He is driven to bring value to his customers while delivering more than just packets on the wire.

Alan Fagan from EPS Global has worked in the technology industry in Europe and the US for almost 30 years. Alan grew up in Dublin, Ireland and has lived in Massachusetts since June of 2000. He joined EPS Global in 2009 and leads the North American sales team. During his tenure he has helped build EPS Global into the pre-eminent distributor of open networking solutions in the world.