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High Performance Broadband
Aggregation at the Edge

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The global 5G rollout, in tandem with expanding fiber broadband, enables bandwidth-intensive applications. These in turn are driving consumer demand for increased access speeds on carrier, cable, and mobile among other networks. Edgecore and IP Infusion support a broad range of diverse use cases in aggregation, transport and provider edge routing to meet these challenges while also putting innovation back into the hands of Service Providers, releasing them from vendor lock-in.

In this Webinar, IP Infusion and Edgecore discussed the following topics:

  • Bandwidth pressures on the aggregation portion of the network resulting from fiber broadband rollouts, 5G adoption and edge cloud.

  • High performance aggregation solutions that are required by Service Providers to deliver broadband Internet services at cost-effective prices.

  • Broadband aggregation solutions from Edgecore and IP Infusion enable Service Providers to realize the benefits of network disaggregation.

Featured Speakers:

Broadband Aggregation at the Edge
Shaji Nathan
Chief Technology Officer, IP Infusion
Read his bio
Broadband Aggregation at the Edge
Sterling Perrin,
Senior Principal Analyst – Optical Networks & Transport, Heavy Reading
Read his bio.
Broadband Aggregation at the Edge
Nanda Ravindran,
Vice President of Product Management,
Edgecore Networks
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