OcNOS Virtual Machine


In the ever-present quest to improve agility while reducing costs, enterprises large and small are capitalizing on the compelling benefits of virtualization and the cloud. In response, cloud and managed service providers are leveraging Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to introduce new services to facilitate cloud migration. IP Infusion’s Virtual SD-Edge is an open, highly secure, virtualized router that ushers in a new generation of cloud connectivity networks and services.  Virtual SD-Edge provides open source-based, fully featured WAN and Firewall functions for virtual and cloud environments. Virtual SD-Edge is based on DANOS-Vyatta edition, an DANOS open source version of AT&T’s Vyatta code, which is widely deployed across multiple, white box use cases in AT&T’s production network as well as other service provider networks.

Cloud Migration Use Case:

Migrating enterprise applications and data to the cloud requires a means to interconnect the physical and virtual domains. The Virtual SD-Edge router offers an ideal set of comprehensive communications functionality and enhanced security in an integrated package.

Branch-to-Cloud Use Case:

The Virtual SD-Edge router delivers highly cost-effective, secure and efficient connectivity between branch offices and enterprise resources hosted in the public, private, and/or hybrid cloud. By providing comprehensive IPsec support, secure and ubiquitous VPN tunnels may be seamlessly extended into the cloud.

Multi-site, Multi-cloud Use Case:

The Virtual SD-Edge solution may be deployed on-demand, and hosted in a range of public and private clouds. Extensive routing and communications services may be tailored to the needs of each region or individual sites, enhanced by embedded security and performance services which are provided in a common package, that simplifies procurement as well.

Why IP Infusion

The Virtual SD-Edge is a highly tuned and optimized software that utilizes the underlying compute and memory resources for high speed packet processing functions while also maintaining a highly optimized and reduced virtual footprint. The combination of a low virtual footprint with ability to drive 10 Gbps+ throughput per Physical Core and an advanced set of networking features are some of the unique capabilities and key differentiators the platform provides for NFV adopters.

Highly optimized software data plane built over 15+ years of Vyatta evolution

Higher price/performance compared to other offerings

Telco-grade and cloud ready




Highly optimized forwarding plane (15+ years of tuning)

  • Compact virtualized footprint
  • Highest performance per price point
  • CapEx reduction

Built on DANOS – first open source Network Operating System platform; widely deployed by AT&T

  • Optimized for disaggregation and easy to integrate/automate
  • Proven in multiple white boxe use cases

Pre-integrated virtual router, firewall, VPN, performance optimization, etc. in a unified software package

  • Simple to purchase, deploy, and operate
  • Automated Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM)
  • Higher value than alternatives

Per vCPU licensing

  • Simplified licensing
  • Exploits improvements in hardware at no additional costs

Full-featured Control Plane

  • Enables a broad-range of cloud-networking use cases

Extensive High-Availability features

  • Achieves carrier-grade availability

IP Infusion Advanced Network Services

  • Carrier-grade support