OcNOS Virtual Machine

Internet Exchange Solution

IXP Challenges

Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) are fabrics where Internet Service Providers, carriers, content providers and other Internet companies come together to exchange vast amounts of traffic. IXPs are typically implemented as very simple layer-2 broadcast domains to which customers connect BGP-speaking routers and exchange layer-3 IP traffic.  The IXP fabrics are growing steadily and as a consequence the broadcast and neighbor discover traffic is also growing. To overcome the challenges of operating a large layer 2 network and meet the scale, security needs of members, IXPs are evolving their network architecture to be ready for the future traffic growth.

The Solution – Building a scalable IXP using OcNOS™

The solution is to build a scalable fabric by disaggregating the hardware and software, and leveraging the advances in control plane software for better scale, security and manageability. Using OcNOS™, IXPs can build a highly scalable 100G interconnection fabric for connecting multiple distributed locations. The solution uses control plane learning using EVPN, network segmentation and virtualization using VXLAN, multihoming for redundancy, ACL/QoS policies for fine grained control of member traffic, support for sFlow and management automation. The solution guide explains how to build a scalable IXP using OcNOS™.

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