Synchronization Approaches for Mobile Backhaul

The first white paper of this series, Network Synchronization and Cellular Networks, discussed frequency and time synchronization and their application to Mobile Backhaul Networks. As noted in that white paper, modern 4G and 5G networks create a dilemma. The network architecture used for Backhaul (i.e., from the switching center to the BaseBand Unit) is Ethernet, and traditional Ethernet is not a synchronous network architecture, so it can’t provide frequency synchronization (syntonization). All of the cellular technologies require highly accurate and stable syntonization. And, in addition, many of them also require time-of-day synchronization.

This white paper discusses the ways that mobile networks can address these problems.

This white paper covers:

  • Synchronous Ethernet or SyncE
  • Packet-based Timing
  • Synchronization in Mobile Networks