Passive Optical Network, The Next Generation

Passive Optical Network

The Next Generation

It’s all about power. In the third and last white paper on Passive Optical Networks (PON), we discuss how pushing the OLT Interface closer to the user is important; how the 21st century Central Office is looking more and more like a corporate data center; and how as a result of the trend towards SDN and NFV, several major telecom vendors have gotten behind an initiative called CORD (Central Office Rearchitected as a Data Center).

This white paper covers:

  • Pushing the OLT Interface closer to the user
  • Moving into the 21st century – server farms
  • PON in the CORD environment

Over the past 20 years PON technology has improved from hundreds of megabits per second to tens of gigabits per second and with each step-up in technology, there has been a step-up in demand and expectations. Modern server and software technology has stepped in to meet this need. Based on open hardware, open software, and standard APIs, VOLTHA is leading the way towards a broader deployment of PON.

The solutions are more scalable and more cost-effective than traditional telco platform. But they are complex networking applications, protocols, and APIs on which the entire PON network is dependent, which requires software developers with that specialized experience.

IP Infusion Innovations is a software development consulting firm with this expertise. IP Infusion works with our clients to develop and improve many of the components associated with OLTs and has developed software for many of the networking devices used in these implementations. If you are looking for help developing a next generation PON platform or a service provider looking for help to improve your current PON implementation, IP Infusion Innovations has the team that can help you.