December 5, 2014
Considering NetConf/XML Platform Management?

Contact IP Infusion — We have a flexible solution, called ZebM, which won’t lock you into a competitor. ZebM, available now, provides a framework and APIs for you to quickly integrate. Already customer proven in EMEA offering: NetConf, SAF-IMM, SNMP and CLI connectivity. We have solutions architects, locally in EMEA standing-by help and advise you. […]

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September 5, 2014
ZebIC® Data Plane Integration Software for BCM56850 StrataXGS® Trident II now available

Hardware integration software (ZebIC) for Broadcom STRATAXGS® TRIDENT II switching platform provides a scalable, hardware-independent architecture that enables network equipment providers to efficiently develop networking solutions based on leading silicon platforms. ZebIC for Trident II allows network equipment manufacturers to quickly and inexpensively deliver networking products built around this switching platform. For more information, read […]

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August 5, 2014
Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation

Modern terabit scale aggregation, transport and data center networks are powering businesses through a new generation of business critical, time sensitive high bandwidth applications and services. Software-defined networking, data center virtualization, cloud computing, high-performance computing, data warehousing, and disaster recovery strategies, among others prevalent in the current networking environment, are prompting a whole new set […]

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June 5, 2014
IP Infusion Launches VirNOS™ Virtual Network Platform based on Network Functions Virtualization

IP Infusion, Inc. today announced the availability of VirNOS™, a virtual network platform based on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to help network operators to reduce their CapEx and OpEx costs, accelerate time-to-market for new services, increase agility, and deploy new network services faster. IP Infusion’s VirNOS NFV-based software platform virtualizes network functions to give network […]

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