Coriant – Broadcom’s StrataDNX™

Supplier of networking solutions

“For our Broadcom StrataDNX™ projects, Northforge Innovations has proved that they have extensive experience and expertise to resolve issues. I recommend Northforge Innovations Inc. as Broadcom’s StrataDNX Authorized Development Collaborator (ADC).

In their support for Coriant’s StrataDNX software development activities, they have shown their StrataDNX knowledge, expertise and ability to resolve issues within budget and in a timely manner. As Broadcom’s ADC, they are very responsive and has always demonstrated a strong work ethic. Northforge’s Account Executive and Software Development Manager are part of our team and are always there to help us move our projects forward.

We value that Northforge developed their expertise during their years of network software development, dedicated training on StrataDNX, and most importantly, their experience working directly with Broadcom’s StrataDNX application engineering team.”

— Greg Degnan, VP of Engineering