Broadcom StrataDNX™ Development Collaborator

IP Infusion Innovations® is partnering with Broadcom in servicing their customers of the StrataDNX™ line of switch system-on-chip (SoC) devices. The new Broadcom StrataDNX products are among the industry’s most highly integrated devices. Each device provides high performance carrier-grade packet processing, an integrated hierarchical traffic manager, external packet buffers with enhanced buffer management, and advanced packet processing with expandable tables.

IP Infusion is the only Broadcom Authorized Development Collaborator for StrataDNX. Our StrataDNX team has been trained directly by Broadcom and they have lots of expertise working on complex customer projects. Our team members work side-by-side with Broadcom’s application engineers, giving them access to Broadcom StrataDNX and Dune product line experts.

Given our close collaboration with Broadcom, our service level commitment is unparalleled. We’re experts in DNX and switching fabric support. We provide rapid response to issues, reduce your design cycles, bring the benefit of the StrataDNX ecosystem to your project, and can provide you extra attention when needed.

IP Infusion has rich experience and expertise in BroadPTP and timing solutions. From supporting customers with G8275.1 profile, G8275.2 APTS profile and SyncE in the products, to developing PoC for timestamping in external PHY, IP Infusion has done it all. We’ve also helped customers use, configure and enable BroadSync to distribute time from FPGA-based BroadSync Master to Broadcom’s Jericho+ based line card.

Our services include:

  • System hardware architecture and design review
  • Software architecture and design spec review
  • Support hardware bring-up plan
  • Support SDK integration

In addition to being an Authorized Development Collaborator for the StrataDNX product line, we have expertise and experience with the StrataXGS product line.