DANOS-Vyatta edition

Industry’s first Tier 1 carrier deployed disaggregated network OS deployed at scale on whitebox Cell Site Routers

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DANOS-Vyatta edition is the industry’s first disaggregated network OS that is already field proven in one of the world’s largest and most advanced Telco Operator networks. It is designed to be modular with abstractions built-in to support any Original Device Manufacturer (ODM) router or switch hardware. Disaggregation capability along with support for standard APIs, data models, operator-familiar CLI interface and programmability enables agility for operators, besides providing cost savings associated with the whitebox model.

DANOS-Vyatta edition NOS is also aligned with Telecom Infra Project’s Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) specification. The DCSG project, which is under Open Optical and Packet Transport (OOPT) group, has recommended a cell site router deployment model which simplifies design and operation of carrier networks.


Network operators are actively seeking cost-effective solutions to accommodate the mass rollout of broadband services to meet increased traffic demands. Open network solutions help support operators as they build out their next generation high capacity network infrastructure by reducing costs, expanding the vendor ecosystem and leveraging automation so they are more agile in introducing new services.

A key concept that will enable next generation transport networks is disaggregation, whereby networking software is separated from the switching or routing hardware and broken down into functional components that can be more efficiently operated. Programmability, automation, agility with better control of their networks are immediate benefits of disaggregation for customers, besides potential cost savings as well.

DANOS-Vyatta edition is industry’s first telco grade NOS that is built ground up with modularity for disaggregation to enable rapid qualification of variety of ODMs. Standard API and familiar CLI enable operator seamlessly introduce the NOS in existing systems, processes and personnel.

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System architecture

Highlights of DANOS-Vyatta edition

The NOS architecture is designed for abstractions with clean APIs between the layers for development agility, troubleshooting and ease of supporting multiple white boxes.

The application layer encompasses all the routing and supporting processes along with the standard APIs and familiar CLI interface for operators and management, automation, orchestration systems to interact with the NOS. The application layer interfaces with the system infrastructure layer, again via modular interfaces. DANOS-Vyatta edition uses standard Linux at its core and this is part of the infrastructure layer as well. Use of Linux comes with all the well-known scripting, tooling capabilities.

The forwarding layer’s main role is to interface with the infrastructure layer above for data necessary for forwarding and other functions in a modular way as well as support abstractions necessary to enable easy of ODM integration. The Forwarding Abstraction Layer is the key module that enables rapid qualification of ODMs.