OcNOS Virtual Machine

OcNOS®Optical Line Terminal (OcNOS-OLT)

Disaggregated Passive Optical Network (PON) Software Platform

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IP Infusion’s OcNOS-OLT is a truly disaggregated Passive Optical Networks (PON) software solution which supports multi-vendor OLT and ONU bare metal hardware platforms. Customers will have the freedom to pick the best-of-breed OLT and ONU which best-fit their needs. Similar to other segments of the access network, the disaggregation is transforming the OLT segment and brings many benefits to the service providers:
  • Faster innovation and introduction of new services
  • Avoid vendor lock-in
  • Better support for network automation and orchestration
  • Open software platform enables the integration of 3rdparty or opensource software components, leveraging the latest innovations.
OcNOS-OLT has implemented simple-to-use configuration commands that users can easily provision the devices, quickly launch and modify subscriber services without a steep learning curve reducing the OPEX cost.

Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) for Residential and Enterprise Services

The OcNOS-OLT supports Distributed Disaggregated Chassis architecture, a disruptive innovation that transforms the traditional chassis into separated components for higher scalability and better flexibility. In the PON case, the traditional modular chassis that composes of PON MAC line cards and switching fabric cards, now can be broken down to separated OLT pizza-boxes connected to a Top-of-Rack (TOR) switch.  OcNOS-OLT will control the OLT pizza-boxes while the TOR switch can provide L3/MPLS/VPN functionalities. The central office deployment for residential and enterprise services is a leading use case for service providers.

Expanding Capacity of Ethernet Switches Using Micro-OLTs

Recent advanced hardware technologies enable the innovation of the micro-OLTs in SFP+ form factor which can be plugged into an Ethernet switch and unleash the PON functionalities and benefits to an existing Ethernet Switch with a relatively small and incremental CAPEX investment. This is particularly beneficial for the customers who already deployed Ethernet switches indoor or outdoor and would like to extend the service coverage with a low budget using passive optical networking.

Expanding Capacity of uCPE Using Micro-ONUs

For enterprise subscribers, Universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE) provides a platform to host different services at customer edge. Installing a Micro-ONUs in SFP+ form-factor into the uCPE’s WAN port allows the uCPE to connect to the PON Optical Distribution Network (ODN) eliminating the need of an external ONU box.