IP Infusion Hosts the First Telecom Infra Project MANTRA Proof of Concept Assessing IPoDWDM Commercial Solutions Based on Open Standards

Webinar set for 8 a.m. Pacific Time Wednesday, May 22

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 15, 2024 – IP Infusion, a global leader in open networking solutions, has completed the Phase 1 Proof of Concept (PoC) in its lab for the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) MANTRA subgroup within the Open Optical & Packet Transport (OOPT) project group along with UfiSpace and Ciena. The activity will continue with a Phase 2, where NEC will join the activity as a second coherent ZR+ module provider. 

The TIP OOPT project group is conducting a new PoC under the guidance of the MANTRA subgroup. This PoC evaluates the integration and efficiency of IP over DWDM (IPoDWDM) architecture in modern telecom networks. The initiative brings together leading telecommunications companies, including Vodafone, Telefonica, MTN, Orange, Telia Company, NTT Group, and Deutsche Telekom, to explore this technology’s potential benefits.

The IPoDWDM concept refers to integrating optical dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) coherent technology in small form factor pluggable modules that can be plugged into IP routers. This aims to enhance network efficiency and reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

IP Infusion is the software provider that led Phase 1 in this project, with UfiSpace and Ciena providing router hardware and coherent ZR+ pluggable transceivers, respectively, and with NEC joining in Phase 2. This collaboration underscores the project’s commitment to leveraging open standards and interfaces to foster interoperability and flexibility within telecom infrastructures.

The PoC is structured in two phases: Phase 1 demonstrated the seamless integration of coherent 400G ZR+ (OpenZR+ MSA) transceiver modules into routers through standard open interfaces such as OIF CMIS and C-CMIS. In Phase 2 the focus shifts towards standardizing the open router’s management interface based on NETCONF/OpenConfig for a defined set of use cases.

The implications of this PoC extend far beyond the confines of technical validation. By setting a precedent for seamless integration and standardization, the project highlights the interoperability of the network infrastructure. This project aims to shed light on the current state of the art of the implementation of the current standards and identify any gaps that might exist towards a true interoperable technology.

“Open standards networking for optical components will depend on carrier-grade networking software with history and features,” said Kristian Toivo, Executive Director of the Telecom Infra Project. “TIP, through our member community, offers software solutions that align with these needs, highlighted by our community’s dedication to open networking and innovation within the networking software market.”

“UfiSpace is committed to this market space and sees many opportunities for innovation to service new-era networking needs,” said Vincent Ho, CEO of UfiSpace. With advances in hardware design combined with IP Infusion software, UfiSpace can be a turnkey networking alternative for any network design.”

“Ciena is committed to supporting our customers in fostering an open multi-vendor ecosystem for converged IP/optical deployments and offering choice in how our leading coherent optical technology is consumed,” said Joe Shapiro, Vice President, Product Line Management, Ciena. “We are enthusiastic about joining forces with IP Infusion to set new standards in enabling open, multi-vendor deployments.”

“IP Infusion will be the open networking software to benefit global connectivity on a massive scale,” said Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO of IP Infusion. “By creating value-infused networking software, and working with industry organizations such as the Telecom Infra Project, we are hoping to set new standards for performance and accessibility for complex networking applications.”

Webinar scheduled for 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time Wednesday, May 22 

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