IP Infusion Contributes to NTT’s Development of Uncompressed 8K120p Video Transmission Technologies Using IOWN*1All-Photonics Network (APN)

OcNOS® enables extension of the latest functions, flexible configuration changes, and cost reduction for optical transponders with a disaggregated configuration

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 2, 2022 – IP Infusion, a leading provider of network disaggregation solutions for telecom and data communications operators today announced that it has provided its OcNOS® white box*2 network operating system (OS) to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) for its development of uncompressed 8K120p video transmission technologies using the IOWN All-Photonics Network (APN). This project is part of NTT’s efforts to deliver the highest-quality video communication regardless of distance in the IOWN era.

NTT recently announced*3 its development of the world’s first-ever ultra-low latency video-transmission technology that supports uncompressed 8K120p video. Using a disaggregation configuration, it has succeeded in sending and receiving 8K120p video as SMPTE ST 2110 streams, which is the equivalent of doubling the current standard frame rate of 8K video. This achieves ultra-low latency video transmission with a delay of less than 1 ms between the video input at the transmitting end and video output at the receiving end. Because this technology enables transmission of uncompressed video over long distances using existing IP network services, it is expected to have applications for high-capacity video transmission, supporting 4K and 8K, in a wide range of use cases such as remote production in the broadcasting industry, telemedicine, and remote monitoring.

The technology of a disaggregated configuration for long-distance transmission (Figure 1) is achieved by combining a hardware plug-in unit (VideoPIU), which converts SDI signals to SMPTE ST 2110 streams for optical transponders, and a software function to control the VideoPIU. The VideoPIU is capable of processing 8K60p video per unit, and 8K120p transmission is achieved by coordinated operation of two units. To support these VideoPIUs, IP Infusion has provided its OcNOS network OS.

“IP Infusion supports the IOWN concept proposed by NTT,” said Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO of IP Infusion. “As a technology partner in research, development and implementation, we are helping NTT to realize this IOWN concept. We are very proud to have collaborated on the development of NTT’s world-first ultra-low latency video-transmission technology, which supports uncompressed 8K120p video, by providing our OcNOS white box network OS, which enables flexible setting of network configurations, and eliminates vendor lock-in to reduce costs. Going forward, we will continue working with NTT to develop and commercialize this technology.”

Figure 1. Uncompressed video transmission system using disaggregation configuration

(Image supplied by NTT)

OcNOS is the industry’s first full-featured modular extensible network OS for white box open networking solutions offering advanced L2/L3 features and L1 DWDM/OTN functions that include extensive switching and routing supportranging from MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) to PTP (Precision Timing Protocol) and APIs/protocols for SDN (Software Defined Networking). OcNOS features hybrid, centralized or distributed network support; scalable, modular high-performance network; and a robust data plane built on merchant silicon.

*1 IOWN:
IOWN stands for Innovative Optical and Wireless Network, which is a concept proposed by NTT for networks and information processing infrastructure. Since January 2021, IP Infusion has been a General Member of the IOWN Global Forum (established in January 2020), an international forum promoted by companies and organizations supporting the IOWN vision.




*2 White box solution:

A networking solution in which the software is disaggregated from the hardware, enabling major cost savings, flexible network configuration, and rapid implementation of new functions and services.

*3 NTT press release:

“First-ever ultra-low latency video-transmission technology that supports uncompressed 8K120p in SMPTE ST 2110 Toward the highest-quality video communication regardless of distance in IOWN era”


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