IP Infusion announces new OcNOS Optical Transport solution for data center interconnect, long haul and service provider backhaul

Now available, OcNOS Optical Transport solution is the first production-ready NOS for the Cassini platform from Edgecore Networks

SANTA CLARA, March 24, 2020 – IP Infusion, a leading provider of intelligent network software for telecom and data communications services, today announced general availability of their new OcNOS® Optical Transport solution will enable support for modular open packet transponder systems for data center interconnect, long haul and service provider backhaul use cases. OcNOS is the industry’s first full-featured network operating system for seamless transition from traditional networks to white box implementations.

The first available platform for the OcNOS-based solution is the Cassini packet transponder from Edgecore Networks. Cassini is the industry’s highest capacity (3.2T) and first modular open packet transponder, offering a flexible mix of 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) packet switching ports and 100/200 Gbps coherent optical interfaces.  The Cassini platform enables DMDM-based long haul transport and supports CFP2 ACO and DCO modules from different vendors which support L2/L3/Multicast features for metro, long haul and data center interconnect use cases. Both packet switching and optical line side can be managed via CLI, SNMP or NETCONF.

Key customer benefits of the OcNOS solution include a modular chassis with Pay-as-you-grow option enabled by line card (option of 1~ 8); choice of ACO or DCO pluggable slots; and interoperability with standard CFP2 devices from other vendors.

In South America, IP Infusion worked with TIP community members on a field trial of Cassini. The field trial deployed Edgecore’s Cassini running IP Infusion’s OcNOS between the cities of Lurín, Lima, and Trujillo on an existing third-party optical line system. The field test was conducted at the distance of more than 1000 km by deploying other vendors ROADM and MUX. Cassini was equipped with CFP2-ACO modules from Fujitsu Optical Components (FOC). All these elements provided an end-to-end solution that operators can use to increase the capacity of their existing optical networks.

“The desire of network operators to control end-to-end solutions and components to achieve operational simplicity and open interfaces is driving the momentum towards open optical networking,” said Atsushi Ogata, CEO, IP Infusion. “The combination of the carrier-grade OcNOS networking operating system and the Cassini packet transponder from Edgecore Networks gives our network customers another example and further shows that IP Infusion is a leading software vendor for service provider network disaggregation.”

“With support for Cassini and DCSG, IP Infusion is well aligned with TIP and helping to drive disaggregated networking to service providers. We are pleased that disaggregated networking has now arrived for optical transport solutions,” said Dave Hutton, Chief Engineer, Telecom Infra Project.

“Cassini further demonstrates Edgecore’s leadership position in the Open Networking ecosystem. We are thrilled to partner with IP Infusion, our optical partners, and the TIP community to deliver open packet transponder technology powered by OcNOS to the marketplace, providing operators choice, innovation and control,” said Jeff Catlin, Vice President, Technology, Edgecore Networks.

“We are glad to work with IP Infusion and the TIP community to build economical, disaggregated optical networking solutions. These solutions would enable customers to achieve high integration while optimizing networking cost and capacity,” said Yukiharu Fuse, CMO of Fujitsu Optical Components, Limited.

“With the IP Infusion’s OcNOS support for Edgecore’s Cassini and ACO and DCO modules from different vendors, our customers are able to deploy disaggregated networking for optical transport services.  We already have customers nearing deployment of this combination and are excited to expand customer traction in our market.  The disaggregated optical transport system offers our customers a very flexible, cost effective way to increase capacity of their existing optical networks,” said Jose Miguel Guzman, Solutions architect from Whitestack, LLC, a system integrator in South America.

“We are excited to collaborate with IP Infusion and the TIP community to help develop the TAI interfaces covering both the CFP2 ACO and DCO plugins for the disaggregated optical networking solution to market,” said Atul Srivastava, CTO of NEL-America.

As part of the Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) Open Optical & Packet Transport project group, IP Infusion is coordinating the integration of all the elements of the fully disaggregated transport network, including the Transponder Abstraction Interface (TAI) API for uniform management of optical modules from different vendors.

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IP Infusion is a leading provider of open network software and solutions for carriers, service providers and data center operators with over 500 customers and thousands of deployments. Our solutions enable network operators to disaggregate their networks to accelerate innovation, streamline operations, and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Network OEMs may also disaggregate network devices to expedite time to market, offer comprehensive services, and achieve carrier grade robustness.

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