Adams Cable Service Upgrades To 400G Network With IP Infusion and RocNet

Pennsylvania-based cable provider deploys open networking optics to accommodate future growth

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 30, 2024IP Infusion, a global leader in open networking solutions, announced today the successful upgrade of Adams Cable Service‘s network to 400G and beyond. Adams Cable Service, a comprehensive network services company based in Pennsylvania, achieved this significant milestone by harnessing state-of-the-art technologies in optics, hardware, and IP Infusion’s OcNOS® software suite, all seamlessly delivered in a single turnkey package by RocNet Supply.

The deployment encompasses the implementation of OcNOS Access and Aggregation Routing Software on open networking hardware from UfiSpace, ensuring effortless integration with 400G ZR+ optics from Precision OT. Additionally, OcNOS Management Switch software is deployed across a combination of UfiSpace and Celestica open networking hardware, with RocNet providing indispensable support throughout the entire process.

Prior to selecting OcNOS, Adams Cable conducted extensive evaluations of numerous vendors, encountering excessive lead times, inflated costs and convoluted licensing models. By introducing the IP Infusion OCNOS solution, RocNet was able to eliminate all of those concerns, and enabled Adams to conduct exhaustive testing with validated designs in their comprehensive test lab. This rigorous process provided proof of concept while also accelerating the project by nearly eight months from the initial time frame.

Adams Cable’s decision to partner with IP Infusion was influenced by the company’s competitive pricing and illustrious reputation for delivering top-tier networking stacks to some of the largest OEM vendors globally. The amalgamation of proven software deployed on open networking hardware ensures swift provisioning of new equipment, fortifying Adams Cable’s network infrastructure for future scalability and enhanced performance.

“Open networking offers numerous significant benefits to our network, including improved time to market and lower costs,” said Wendy Hartman, General Manager of Adams Cable Service. “By enhancing capacity cost-effectively, we can pass along those savings and benefits to our end users, continuing to drive value as a network provider.”

“Deployments like the one for Adams Cable truly encapsulate the value of upgrades for our customers,” said Allen Licata, Executive Vice President of Network Solutions for RocNet. “Since we can provide the complete solution from POC to deployment, it allows the customer to focus on their network while RocNet handles the heavy lifting. We are providing more than just a solution to our customers, we are providing network confidence. Open networking revolutionizes the user relationship with networking equipment – enabling every customer to have a tailored solution delivered promptly.”

“Capacity, performance, and value – these benefits exemplify IP Infusion’s products,” said Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO of IP Infusion. “Open networking ecosystems continue to find traction in diverse, fast-moving market segments. Combined services providers like Adams Cable are a critical aspect of our customer base.” 

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RocNet Supply’s mission is to be a trusted end-to-end network solutions partner, helping clients build and maintain robust, sustainable networks that drive economic development, enhance communication, and improve quality of life for all. They provide effective, efficient, and creative solutions for network operators by combining best-in-class new technologies with Green Market hardware as part of a circular economy. 

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