OcNOS Virtual Machine

For The Third Consecutive Year,
GigaOm Selected IP Infusion A
Leader And Outperformer
In The 2023 NOS Radar Report

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In the 2023 NOS Radar Reports for Network Operating Systems, GigaOm ranked IP Infusion above of the 20 competitors covered, including incumbent vendors.

  • Platform Player of choice
    • Aggregation Router
    • Cell Site Router
    • Data Center
    • Routed Optical Networking
  • Leader and Outperformer in all 3 reports
    • Network Service Provider (NSP)
    • Cloud Service Provider (CSP)/MSP
    • Enterprise & SMBs
  • Builds on Customer Momentum
  • Outranked all incumbents’ software platforms
    • Cisco, Juniper

Strengths: “As a leading NOS for edge routing use cases, IP Infusion’s OcNOS provides a viable alternative to legacy solutions, as indicated by its rapidly growing customer base.”

Source: Ivan McPhee, Analyst and Author
GigaOm 2023 NOS Radar Reports