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DANOS-Vyatta edition

IP Infusion announces DANOS—Vyatta edition is ready for customer 5G Cell Site Router evaluations

AT&T has named IP Infusion as an integrator and customer service provider for DANOS–Vyatta edition. DANOS–Vyatta edition is based on the service provider focused DANOS open source network operating system managed by the Linux Foundation and includes enhancements and production hardening by AT&T. Under the agreement, IP Infusion will have the rights to license and support DANOS–Vyatta edition. DANOS–Vyatta edition, a carrier grade network operating system has been fully validated by AT&T and is running in AT&T’s production network.  

DANOS is the industry’s first open source Network Operating System (NOS) designed to address the ever-changing needs of the carrier environment.

At a time when the networking industry is dominated by vertically integrated network equipment manufacturers, this will be a radical shift in the way many carriers implement their networks.

This is the first time where a major carrier is opening its internal NOS as the basis of an open source solution. Other carriers, independent software providers and ODMs will be able to contribute to the ecosystem and expand the DANOS technology. The DANOS software framework is an open, cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional networking operating systems.

With IP Infusion having the right to license and support DANOS–Vyatta edition, service providers get the benefit of leveraging open source technology and innovation while being able to deploy a solution they know has been tested and validated in a carrier network. Service providers can leverage IP Infusion’s 20 years of networking expertise to rapidly deploy DANOS–Vyatta edition. With IP Infusion support, service providers can rest assured that they will get the support they need to run their networks.

Service providers get all the benefits of open source with the comfort of the traditional support model.

Here’s how carriers can benefit from engaging with IP Infusion:

Quality - Having been fully deployed in AT&T’s network, it’s proven, tested and carrier grade.

Technical Innovation - Because it’s based on DANOS, carriers will be able to leverage innovation and technology from the open source ecosystem.

Time to Market & Support - Many carriers don’t have the engineering resources or time to integrate or support their own solution. IP Infusion fills that void. Very accustomed to integrating solutions for its customers, IP Infusion brings its bank of OcNOS CP technology and 20 years of experience to carrier customers. IP Infusion will provide fully qualified hardware plus DANOS–Vyatta edition solutions.

Flexibility and Cost Efficiency - Carriers will have multiple hardware choices, more features, greater innovation, and CapEx and operational savings. Customers are expected to realize 25 to 50% lower costs with IP Infusion’s DANOS–Vyatta edition solution versus traditional networking solutions.

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