Why Service Providers Are Rushing to Deploy Open Networking


IP Infusion is in the middle of the open networking rush for telecommunications service providers. In just over one year alone, more than 100 of our service provider clients have deployed open networking, or disaggregated networks, through our innovative software and solutions. Clearly, service providers are discovering reasons for investing in open networking. Let’s take a look at what they are.

New Opportunities with Open Networking

Open networking unlocks access to new capabilities and feature sets that add value for service providers and their clients. Most of the interest in open networking is because of opportunities in three key areas:

1 – Disaggregated Cell Site

Disaggregated Cell Site Gateways transform 5G networks by expanding mobile bandwidth capacity without losing compatibility with legacy networks. Such solutions allow for seamless migration while controlling costs.

2 – Open Optical

Open optical architectures and technologies allow service providers to transform their networks into responsive, automated platforms. Such digital platforms add value by being highly scalable, especially with regard to network capacity and cloud-based operations.

3 – Broadband Aggregation

Fiber broadband rollouts, 5G adoption, and edge cloud are putting bandwidth pressures on the aggregation portions of networks. High-performance solutions can deliver reliable broadband services at a reasonable cost. To reap the greatest benefits, service providers must select the appropriate open networking vendor.

What to Look for in an Open Networking Vendor

The first big challenge most service providers face is finding an open network vendor that fits their business. Many open network vendors primarily focus on enterprise applications or data centers and might not have their operations fine-tuned for a service provider. Without specialization, developing the required feature set costs more and takes longer.

The second big challenge when looking for an open networking vendor is to avoid “rip and replace” projects. Some vendors want to make clients deploy all of the vendor’s technology and solutions. This approach leads to vendor lock-in and forces the client to figure out significant parts of their networks all over again.

An Alternative to “Rip and Replace” – Incremental Progress

Service providers often find greater success by building incrementally. They can deploy open networking and confirm that it works with their existing systems, services, and devices. Once testing validates the success of the deployment, the service provider and their open networking vendor can work together toward continued growth. A continuous, iterative migration to new technologies unlocks additional feature sets without disrupting current processes.

IP Infusion’s team is able to work with service providers at the pace and scale they need and prefer in order to meet their project goals. On average, the reasonable timeline for gradual migration might be around six months. In some cases, our team is able to work with providers to get new networks to production in under three months.

For service providers who are more comfortable adding functionality gradually to better ensure maximum stability and minimal disruption, it might take nine months.

Successful Deployments of Open Networking by Service Providers

Having brought scores of service providers online in the last 18 months, we know what it takes to achieve success. Lintasarta, Indonesia’s leading information and communications technology services company, turned to IP Infusion to upgrade its legacy system with our software for core and edge access networks. Arya Damar, CEO of Lintasarta, says this was the right choice of an open network vendor because the solution is tested, supported, and competitively priced.

Every service provider receives unique benefits of open networking based on their goals and situation. For example, Netomnia needed a partner to provide an efficient network software and hardware solution with agile deployment. A scalable, adaptable solution helps them deliver industry-leading speeds as they build a full-fiber network across the United Kingdom.

IP Infusion Is Your Trusted Partner in Open Networking Solutions

No matter where service providers are in their journeys toward open networking, IP Infusion can guide them through the entire process. Our team understands why solution providers are building open networking practices and which benefits are most important to them. We start with a proof of concept and a field trial before production deployment and ongoing support.

First, we work within the boundaries of the existing network, devices, and services to confirm the viability of open networking within the client’s technology ecosystem. With your foundation set, IP Infusion works with service providers to continue building.

Finally, the service provider is ready to receive ongoing support and migration to provide new services and more benefits. Progressing into open networking like this reduces risks, preserves legacy support, and ensures scalability.

To explore opportunities to future-proof your network, please contact us today at ipinfusion.com or visit ipinfusion.com/partner.

About the Author

As IP Infusion’s Vice President of Global Solutions Engineering, Abhijeet Prabhune leads the sales engineer team that’s bringing disaggregated networking solutions to 5G Service Providers and Enterprise Clients globally.