Test Drive Multiple OcNOS VMs in GNS3

OcNOS, IP Infusion’s versatile open network operating system, can support a dynamic array of chipsets and hardware platforms. However, selecting an open network operating system is a significant decision that will have a massive impact on the trajectory of your organization. With so much at stake, it’s only natural that you would like to take your OS for a test drive before you commit. You can do so using IP Infusion’s free virtual machine: OcNOS VM. The OcNOS VM can validate configurations and test L2, L3, and MPLS features, all at your own pace, with no costs associated. To run multiple OcNOS VMs in the GNS3 environment, download the Quick Start Guide and GNS33 Project files. Let us explore the benefits of OcNOS VM and GNS3.


The OcNOS VM enables you and your team to familiarize yourselves with OcNOS before you invest time and resources into new hardware or software. This way, you can validate and test configurations at your own pace, all with zero cost. Without bare metal switches, OcNOS VM runs on Graphical Network Simulator-3 (GNS3) and following hypervisors: KVM, VirtualBox, and VMware.

OcNOS VM Benefits

There are several benefits to running OcNOS VMs in GNS3, including the following:

Zero Upfront Cost

As you know, the clock is ticking the moment your organization invests money in a software solution. After all, stakeholders want results, and they want them fast.

But OcNOS VMs allow you to test the waters for free. You can try out the capabilities of our solution with zero financial commitment, which will keep you out of the hot seat.

No Need to Wait for Hardware

While many supply chains have normalized, getting the hardware you need for your deployment can still take weeks. In the meantime, your new software investment will stagnate.

With OcNOS VMs, you can start validating configurations and testing L2, L3, and MPLS features before your hardware arrives. This way, your team can hit the ground running when your hardware finally arrives.

Get Familiar with OcNOS Software

Running OcNOS VMs in GNS3 gives your team a prime opportunity to get familiar with our operating system. In addition, this minimizes their learning curve when the rubber meets the road.

Our free testing opportunity lets you ensure that OcNOS is the right fit for your organization before committing.

Validate Configurations

Validating configurations before making a financial investment in our solution allows you to get to the next stages of your launches confidently. Once you have validated your configurations, you can also decrease your time to value after you purchase OcNOS.

Prototype Network Operations

Thanks to the robust simulation capabilities of GNS3 and the flexibility of OcNOS VM, your team can prototype network operations in the virtual ecosystem. As a result, you can create a fully tailored network operations framework and analyze its efficacy before investing in hardware or software.


GNS3 is a free, open-source program. It can simulate network servers and devices. This graphical network simulator also facilitates the mutilation of complex networks. For more details, we invite you to check out Getting Started with GNS3.

Benefits of GNS3

Let’s now see the benefits of GNS3.

  1. Open Source: GNS3 is an open source, free program.
  2. Multivendor: Multiple vendor network devices and servers are supported.
  3. Scaling: GNS3 does not limit the number of devices you can run in a topology. You are only limited by the hardware resources you have available.
  4. Ease of Use: You can easily simulate a complex network. Simulated topology can be connected to the real world.
  5. Real World: GNS3 is used for testing networks before they are put into production.

Running OcNOS VM in GNS3

OcNOS is the most dynamic and flexible open network operating system on the market. And now, you can try it for free.

Are you ready to explore IP Infusion’s open network operating system without making any upfront investment? If so, we invite you to check out OcNOS VMs in GNS3.

To begin to test drive multiple OcNOS VMs in GNS3, download the Quick Start Guide and GNS3 Project files.

Contact us today for more information on OcNOS.

Mani Subramanian is the Director of Marketing for IP Infusion.