Test Drive Multiple OcNOS VMs in EVE-NG

OcNOS, IP Infusion’s versatile open network operating system, can support a dynamic array of chipsets and hardware platforms. However, selecting an open Network Operating System (NOS) is a significant decision that will have a massive impact on the trajectory of your organization. With so much at stake, it’s only natural that you would like to take your NOS for a test drive before you commit. You can do so using IP Infusion’s free virtual machine: OcNOS VM. Let us explore the benefits of OcNOS VM and EVE-NG.


The OcNOS Virtual Machine (VM) from IP Infusion helps you get familiar with OcNOS. The OcNOS VM is used to validate configurations and test L2, L3, and MPLS features at your own pace, with no costs associated. Without bare metal switches, OcNOS VM can be run on popular open-source software emulators EVE-NG and GNS3, and hypervisors including KVM, VirtualBox, and VMware.

OcNOS VM Benefits

Following are key benefits of the OcNOS VM:

  • Free
  • Save money and time
  • No need to wait for the hardware
  • Get familiar with OcNOS software
  • Validate configurations
  • Test L2, L3, and MPLS features without any risk
  • Prototype network operations
  • Save money and time


EVE-NG (Emulated Virtual Environment Next Generation) is a multi-vendor virtual network simulator. EVE-NG just like GNS3 provides ways for you to emulate and test network devices without having to purchase real gear. EVE-NG allows for you to interact with virtual devices directly from your web browser. Many of its characteristics help ease the usability of network topologies that you create and share. This will save you money and time in setting up what you need to test network changes, or it could mean that you will be able to complete tasks that you never believed possible and a lot faster. For more details on the EVE-NG, refer to the EVE-NG Home Page.

EVE-NG Benefits

Following are key benefits of the EVE-NG software emulator:

  • Simple and fast
  • Clientless multivendor network emulation software
  • Full HTML5 interface
  • Full supported interaction with real network
  • Memory optimization
  • Labs XML file format
  • Modifiable Active topology
  • Multiple connection types

EVE-NG Community Version Limitations

Please note the following limitations with the EVE-NG community version:

  1. You are limited to only 63 nodes per lab vs 1024 in the pro version
  2. In the community version you cannot connect links to devices that are already powered on
  3. Limited to only 1 person signed into the program at a time on the community edition
  4. Cannot have more than one running lab

Running OcNOS VM in EVE-NG

OcNOS is the most dynamic and flexible open network operating system on the market. And now, you can try it for free.

Are you ready to explore IP Infusion’s open network operating system without making any upfront investment? If so, we invite you to check out OcNOS VMs in EVE-NG.

To begin to test drive multiple OcNOS VMs in EVE-NG, download the OcNOS Image, Quick Start Guide and other files needed for Running Multiple OcNOS VMs .

The Quick Start Guide describes how to run multiple OcNOS VMs to test the BGP and L3 VPN functionalities using the following test topology in the EVE-NG environment.

Contact us today for more information on OcNOS.

Download OcNOS for EVE-NG for free now.

Mani Subramanian is the Director of Marketing for IP Infusion.