Open Networking Replaces Juniper Equipment for Growing Internet Service Provider

Network disaggregation with open networking is a powerful and useful tool in today’s increasingly complex network buildouts. Expert practitioners in the field of networking will be familiar with the trajectory that open networking has taken, from the early days of being a novelty for hobbyists, to what today can be a cost effective and adaptable platform for delivering advanced networking functions previously available only from closed-system vendors. We have recently announced several important new customer wins that highlight the increasing value proposition of open networking products as an alternative worth considering for any networking professional.

Open Networking Replaces Juniper Equipment

BroadStar is the fastest fiber broadband provider in Florida, and were looking to upgrade their core and network to provide 10G capacity for aggregated network services like television, Internet and VoIP.  Like other established providers, they had an existing network built on legacy equipment from Juniper.  While considering their upgrade options, open networking products from IP Infusion were evaluated as an alternative to wholesale upgrades from Juniper. With a successful open network upgrade, the company saw their return on investment could be measured in months versus years, as well as providing a flexible platform for any future upgrade needs.

“IP Infusion’s tight integration capabilities on best-of-breed hardware is the ideal design for performance-critical deployments, providing the full feature set and reliability we want to offer our residential customers as we roll out symmetric broadband services over fiber,” said Tyler Bell, CEO of BroadStar.

Open Networking Replaces Juniper Equipment

Amplex Internet, based in Ohio, saw similar returns with their OcNOS Aggregation Router deployment to their carrier-class network. Their rapidly growing fiber network outpaced their legacy Juniper and Ciena products. In addition, they wanted to implement some modern features previously available only on much more costly, higher end systems. The rapid growth of their network needs made the upgrade process complex and equipment-sensitive.

An open networking solution was the logical choice. Heterogeneous hardware vendor support from reseller EPS Global provided ample product choice for deployments. A combination of Edgecore and UfiSpace hardware switches and OcNOS software provided all the necessary features for the upgrade, and also provided an open platform to accommodate any future needs. Project planning and deployment was performed by industry stalwarts IP ArchiTechs.

Open Networking Replaces Juniper Equipment

When providing upgrades to demand-sensitive applications, IP Infusion has a long history of producing and supporting true carrier-grade networking software. We find our customers look to us because of our history in leading the software market. Our primary customer base of service providers—with both business and consumer end users—are especially sensitive to service disruptions and inadequate vendor support. Our time in the industry, and our award-winning history ensures that IP Infusion can be a reliable software partner for mission-critical applications and deployments.

ZebOS is OcNOS

The history of ZebOS dates back to the mid-1990s when it was initially developed as a routing stack by a company called ZebOS Inc. The product found success in the marketplace, and networking powerhouse vendors of today such as F5 and Citrix have derived their platforms from ZebOS.

In 2000, ZebOS Inc. was acquired by IP Infusion, and ZebOS became the foundation for our flagship networking operating system, OcNOS. Over the years, we have continued to develop and enhance OcNOS to meet the evolving needs of the networking industry.

OcNOS is a modular and flexible operating system designed to support a wide range of networking protocols and applications. It is used by network equipment manufacturers and service providers around the world to build high-performance, scalable, and reliable network infrastructure.

One of the key benefits of OcNOS is its support for multiple architectures and hardware platforms. It runs on a variety of hardware, including routers, switches, and other network devices, making it a versatile solution for network infrastructure. Multi-vendor support and infinite scalability are just a couple of the features that make OcNOS indispensable in today’s networking landscape.

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Kelly LeBlanc is the Chief Marketing and Product Officer for IP Infusion.