OCP Summit Week in San Jose: IP Infusion OcNOS Supports a Wide Spectrum of Broadcom Silicon

This week is OCP Summit in San Jose, CA, which makes us think about why platform choice is so important in disaggregated networking.

Your legacy technology is like an anchor. It’s hard to move very fast or get very far without it weighing you down. If you cut the line without a replacement, though, you might lose some of your vital functions. During the current supply chain situation, it is important to have options, and that is one of the main values of disaggregated networking.

Separating networking equipment into functional components allows operators to deploy each component individually. Open networking gives you your choice of hardware and much more flexibility compared to a traditional ecosystem from a single vendor. When a business can diversify the supply chain and avoid vendor lock-in, keeping costs low is much easier.

The Only NOS Supporting a Wide Spectrum of Broadcom Chipsets

IP Infusion’s OcNOS® is the only network operating system that supports a wide spectrum of Broadcom chipsets.

benefits of network disaggregation are within reach

IP Infusion-enabled network elements work across access, aggregation, transport, and data center. Components with various data rates keep the entire network connected without being so codependent. High interchangeability between components allows for faster pivots and greater flexibility. From mobile access to the public cloud, open networking allows for incremental progress instead of the “rip and replace” approach.

Broadcom Chipsets support spans from XGS to DNX (both Qumran and Qumran 2) as listed below:

  • IP Infusion’s Service Provider Solutions
    • Cell Site Router
      • Qumran-UX – Switching Capacity: 32 Gbps, 64 Gbps, or 120 Gbps
      • Qumran-AX – Switching Capacity: 300 Gbps
      • Qumran-2U – Switching Capacity: 360 Gbps
    • Pre-Aggregation Router
      • Qumran-AX – Switching Capacity: 300 Gbps
      • Qumran-2U – Switching Capacity: 360 Gbps
      • Qumran-2A – Switching Capacity: 800 Gbps
    • Aggregation Router/ Provider Edge
      • Qumran-MX – Switching Capacity: 800 Gbps
      • Qumran-2A – Switching Capacity: 800 Gbps
      • Qumran-2C – Switching Capacity: 2.4 Tbps or 4.8 Tbps
  • IP Infusion’s Data Center Solutions
    • Top-of-Rack (ToR)
      • Maverick 2 – Switching Capacity: 1.28 Tbps
      • Trident 3 – Switching Capacity: 2 Tbps
      • Trident 3, Tomahawk, Tomahawk 2 – Switching Capacity: 3.2 Tbps
    • Leaf
      • Trident 3 – Switching Capacity: 3.2 Tbps
    • Spine
      • Trident 3, Tomahawk, Tomahawk 2 – Switching Capacity: 3.2 Tbps

IP Infusion’s Solutions offer the most complete set of features and use case support on COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) switches and routers. Our Cell Site Router, Aggregation Router, Routed Optical Networking Switch as well as Data Center offerings provide customers with choice of platforms with varied switching speeds and port densities.

  • CSR Portfolio
    • Our CSR portfolio consists of platforms from 32 Gbps to 300 Gbps switching capacities
    • Supports the latest Broadcom chipset including Qumran AX, UX as well as Qumran 2A and 2U silicon families
    • Provides a variety of port densities from 10G to 25G as well as 100G interfaces
    • Multiple ODM platforms for these chipsets – Edgecore and UfiSpace
  • Aggregation Router Portfolio
    • Our aggregation router portfolio consists of the most advance COTS platforms based on Broadcom Qumran MX, Qumran 2A and Qumran 2C chipsets
    • High port density aggregation boxes for broadband aggregation and Provider Edge use-cases
    • Switching capacities from 800 Gbps all the way up till 4.8 Tbps
  • Routed Optical Networking Switch
    • Cassini based Routed Optical Networking Solution
    • 2 Tbps switching capacity
    • Ability to act as an Aggregation Switch as well as a Optical transponder
  • Data Center Portfolio
    • Support for Leaf, Spine and Top-of-rack data center use-cases
    • Broadcom XGS family of chipset with Trident 3, Tomahawk and Tomahawk 2 support
    • 2 Tbps to 3.2 Tbps switching capacity

Use Cases Supported

  • Broadband Aggregation Solution
    • Fixed Wireless Aggregation
    • Mobile Network Aggregation
    • Passive Optical Network Aggregation
    • Ethernet & Cable Internet Aggregation
  • Edge Routing Solution
    • Provider Network
    • Routed Optical Network
  • Fronthaul Switch (CSR/DCSG)
    • Ports:
      • 28 x 1/10/25G SFP28
      • 2 x 40/100G QSFP28

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ipinfusion.com for a complete list of supported platforms.

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Mani Subramanian is the Director of Marketing for IP Infusion.