OcNOS® Flex Program Offers OEMs Innovative Open Networking Solutions

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For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) the importance of developing your own cost-effective networking solutions cannot be overstated. IP Infusion, a leader in carrier-grade software solutions, has released a new program designed to help network operators and OEMs reduce their network costs, increase flexibility, and upgrade their features and services efficiently. This program, known as OcNOS® Flex, integrates with your existing hardware for a seamless add-on to your network operating system (NOS).

What is IP Infusion’s OcNOS Flex Program?

A tailored program for OEM customers, OcNOS Flex is ported to your existing hardware and serves as your network operating system (NOS), allowing you to develop your own networking solutions. How does it work? It’s simple.

The OcNOS Flex Program allows you to get the most out of IP Infusion’s OcNOS — a carrier-grade network operating system designed for white boxes that is full of features. When you choose OcNOS Flex, IP Infusion will integrate OcNOS into your hardware using a simple binary license. Once the solution is functioning correctly, you can quickly build your own applications, services, or upgrade your network’s features.

There are many benefits of choosing the OcNOS Flex Program for your white box’s NOS. Ported to your custom hardware, existing software, and existing application interfaces, it allows you to create a disaggregated network. You no longer have to rely on a single vendor’s software or hardware. Instead, you now have a fully open network, resulting in more effective communication and an efficient workflow. In addition, the program reduces your development expenses, saving you time and resources, resulting in lower costs and a faster time to market.

The OcNOS Flex Program offers a complete package of integrated solutions and full product support for both software and silicon operational systems for a variety of industry verticals, including:

  • Telecoms
  • Microwave
  • Defense industry
  • Aerospace
  • And beyond

Furthermore, the program can support multiple use cases, including cell site routers (CSR), aggregation routers, optical and packet transport, datacenters, and OLTs.

Illustration of United Platform Multiple Use Cases for OcNOS Flex Program

How Can Your Industry Benefit From the OcNOS Flex Program?

Choosing OcNOS Flex Program allows your business to focus on the future and develop innovative techniques and technology without getting stuck on execution because IP Infusion will port OcNOS to your hardware, and fully validate it.

Key benefits OcNOS Flex Program brings to your business include:

  • Reduced development expenses and faster time to market — The program marries OcNOS with your custom hardware.
  • More time to focus your resources on innovation vs ground-level execution — IP Infusion will integrate OcNOS for you and make sure it’s fully operational. Once integrated, you have access to the strong OcNOS feature-set as well as the roadmap, allowing you to build applications that suit your needs.
  • Lower cost of entry — The program utilizes a NRE, a one-time fee to port the program plus a licensing fee. You don’t have to pay additional fees when you upgrade features or create new applications.
  • Flexible licensing model — Allows you to create your own branded solution that is already optimized and validated with your OEM hardware.

Key technical benefits include:

  • Leveraging IP Infusion’s 20 years of validated and deployed code
  • IP infusion ports OcNOS to your custom hardware
  • Fully aligned with OcNOS roadmaps
  • Full Level-3 Support, from NOS to hardware platform
  • Integration of differentiated applications running as containers or VMs with OcNOS via Open APIs

Many industry verticals can benefit from IP Infusion’s OcNOS Flex program, including Aerospace/Defense and Telecommunications, as illustrated in the following examples.


OcNOS Flex has proven results in the telecom industry. Recently, IP Infusion — a leader in open networking —  partnered with Ceragon Networks, a market  leader in wireless transport — to create innovative disaggregated solutions for cell site routing for 5G mobile operators on open networks.

By integrating OcNOS into Telecom Infra Project (TIP) compliant router and one-of-a-kind radio-aware open networking software, IP Infusion created the industry’s first radio-aware disaggregated cell site gateway (DCSG). This partnership serves as the model for building OcNOS Flex and allows telecom companies to offer a flexible DCSG Solutions at a lower cost than a closed system.


In the aerospace/defense industry, helicopters, ships, and airplanes are exposed to harsh environments. As a result, OEM devices and equipment are designed to be rugged and to withstand a wide range of temperatures and strong vibrations. When a need arose to develop a new switch based on the latest chipset, IP Infusion took an innovative approach: By replacing a legacy solution with OcNOS and modifying it to support existing equipment, a new faster switch was created and integrated with a field-proven network operating system.

Learn More About IP Infusion and OcNOS Flex

As a leader in disaggregated networking, IP Infusion has been delivering innovative software solutions for over 20 years. Our carrier-grade software options have allowed network operators to lower their network costs, increase product flexibility, and quickly launch new services. To learn more about the OcNOS Flex program, please get in touch with us today.