OcNOS CP by IP Infusion: A Brief History of ZebOS

ZebOS was created in 1999 by IP Infusion to commercialize a version of Zebra OS, a routing software package which offered platform independent protocols such as BGP, OSPF and RIP. Zebra OS was the world’s first routing engine software, created by Kunihiro Ishiguro and Yoshinari Yoshikawa in 1996 and distributed under an open source license. ZebOS was created to provide a commercially supported and enhanced alternative to the open source Zebra OS, catering to the needs of network equipment manufacturers and customers requiring professional support and features.

Upon launch, the ZebOS product found immediate success, becoming the platform of choice for many of networking’s most innovative companies including Fortinet, Citrix, A10 Networks, F5 and many others.

IP Infusion continued to develop and refine ZebOS, turning it into a comprehensive and commercially supported network operating system. It provided additional features, support, and services compared to the open-source Zebra, making it a compelling choice for network equipment manufacturers.


ZebOS was recently rebranded as OcNOS CP, to more accurately reflect the product brand in the context of the IP Infusion product portfolio.

IP Infusion’s OcNOS CP (Control Plane) is an integral part of the OcNOS (Open Compute Network Operating System) product family. It is a highly scalable and feature-rich control plane solution designed to provide advanced networking capabilities for data centers, service provider networks, and enterprise environments.

OcNOS CP by IP Infusion

Key points about IP Infusion’s OcNOS CP:

  • Control Plane Functionality: OcNOS CP offers robust control plane functionality, managing the network’s overall behavior and facilitating communication between network devices. It handles various tasks, such as routing protocols, network topology discovery, traffic engineering, policy enforcement, and network-wide coordination.
  • Protocol Support: OcNOS CP supports a wide range of routing and control protocols, including BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), OSPF (Open Shortest Path First), IS-IS (Intermediate System to Intermediate System), MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), SR (Segment Routing) and EVPN (Ethernet VPN). These protocols enable efficient routing, traffic engineering, and the establishment of network connectivity.
  • Scalability and Resilience: OcNOS CP is built to handle large-scale networks with high traffic loads. It provides scalability features, such as route reflection and route aggregation, to efficiently manage and optimize network resources. Moreover, it incorporates robust failover mechanisms such as MCLAG and VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) to ensure high availability and network resilience.
  • Network Automation and Programmability: OcNOS CP provides a sophisticated data model driven management plane, which offers CLI, NetConf, RestAPI and SNMP as north bound interfaces. These interfaces offer programmability for network automation, allowing operators to efficiently manage and provision network resources, implement network policies, and integrate with third-party orchestration systems.
  • Integration with OcNOS Switching Platforms: OcNOS CP is designed to work seamlessly with IP Infusion’s OcNOS-powered switching platforms. It leverages the hardware capabilities of these platforms to provide a comprehensive control plane solution, ensuring optimal performance, compatibility, and interoperability.
  • Use Cases: OcNOS CP offers advanced control plane functionality, supporting a variety of network architectures, policies, and services. This flexibility makes it well-suited for diverse deployment scenarios and use cases.

OcNOS CP provides a robust, scalable, and feature-rich control plane solution that significantly aids product development for network equipment manufacturers and developers. It allows developers to build networking products with advanced control plane functionalities, extensive protocol support, and carrier-grade reliability, while also offering customization options and seamless integration into the broader networking ecosystem.

In a fast moving industry where time is money, and success is often determined by efficiency, OcNOS CP can shorten product development times by an order of magnitude. Contact us for more information how we can help build your application.

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Prasanna Kumara S is a Technical Marketing Engineer for IP Infusion.