OcNOS 6.4 For Service Providers
Live For General Availability

IP Infusion’s OcNOS 6.4 release is live for General Availability.

Our focus remains on satisfying the growing demands of Service Providers.

From Access and Edge to pre-aggregation and aggregation use-cases, this release brings forth key features with a focus on performance and scale.

Network management has perhaps become one of the most crucial aspects of setting up and managing an end-to-end service provider network.

OcNOS always has had a very convenient CLI interface, which is often referred to as “industry standard” by operators and network administrators. We have continued to build on that and now have a complete NETCONF data model-based configuration and management interface. This results in seamless integration with service orchestrators and controllers.

Additional features of the OcNOS management interface is the newly introduced streaming telemetry functionality. The ability to stream management and control plane data from OcNOS into centralized controllers is becoming very important for network monitoring. OcNOS 6.4 brings in streaming telemetry with gNMI based dial-in mode to address some of these requirements.

The latest GA release marks the integration of aggregation routers with IPoDWDM capabilities for OcNOS. The latest 400G ZR/ZR+ optics are being made available as part of the OcNOS 6.4 GA Release. With QSFP-DD form factor on the Broadcom Qumran2 and Jericho2C+  based platforms, OcNOS now delivers on long haul and metro use cases with the 400G ZR/ZR+ optics. This greatly reduces the TCO for service providers as the same solution is able to address multiple use-cases as well as reduce the need for additional network equipment in certain scenarios. Again, with customer convenience in mind, OcNOS makes this available via a very simple licensing model as part of the OCNOS-SP-PLUS software SKUs.

OcNOS solutions are now available on Broadcom Jericho2C+ based UfiSpace S9610-36D. This platform has 36 x 400G QSFP-DD interfaces and a switching capacity of 14.4 Tbps.

The most comprehensive EVPN fabric solution across access, edge and aggregation transport segments is delivered by OcNOS based Cell Site Routers and Aggregation Routers. OcNOS 6.4 delivers extensive capabilities on Transport , Services, Resiliency and OAM.

Our portfolio boasts an extensive combination of 1/10/25/100/400G ports on platforms with switching capacities from 32Gbps to 14.4 Tbps.

Detailed information on the 6.4 features and platforms is available in our Feature Matrix available here.

Connect with us to discuss your network needs and see how our carrier grade disaggregated network operating system delivers on features, scale and performance at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional chassis-based monolithic solutions.

Rishi Narain is the Director of Product Management for IP Infusion.