OcNOS 6.4 For Data Centers
Live For General Availability

IP Infusion’s OcNOS 6.4 release is now live for General Availability. With the OcNOS 6.4 release comes many exciting updates for the data center. Let us explore their highlights and how OcNOS 6.4 further advances the use cases and customer benefits of IP Infusion’s market-leading disaggregated networking solution for data centers.

Highlights of New Software Features

  • gNMI-based Streaming Telemetry

OcNOS 6.4 supports server subscribe dial-in mode of streaming real-time data and performance metrics from an OcNOS data center switch. A network monitoring system can communicate with an OcNOS data center switch through the gNMI protocol to subscribe to specific paths of interest in the YANG data model. In response, the OcNOS data center switch will stream the corresponding data to the remote monitoring system. Automation scripts can utilize gNMI and Netconf, and both work with YANG data models, to leverage real-time telemetry to automate network operations.

  • Multiple Anycast Gateway IP Addresses on a VxLAN IRB

Primary IP and any or all of the secondary IPs of a VxLAN IRB on an OcNOS data center switch can be made an anycast gateway IP and associated with the anycast gateway MAC address. With this feature, anycast support can be enabled for primary and multiple secondary default gateway IPs on a VxLAN IRB for an L2 VNI to provide high availability.

  • BGP Additional Paths

BGP Additional Paths for both eBGP and iBGP are supported. The BGP Additional Paths enable a Kubernetes server cluster (or other external network) to advertise multiple BGP paths to an OcNOS data center leaf/TOR switch for load balancing inside the Kubernetes cluster.

Highlights of New ODM Hardware Platforms

In addition to new software features, OcNOS 6.4 supports the following new ODM platforms. With each additional hardware platform, IP Infusion further increases the advantages of its disaggregated solution for data center customers.

    • Options of different whitebox platforms to manage cost, lead time, and supply-chain challenges
    • Options for physical dimensions, switching throughput, -48V DC PSU availability, CPU performance, memory and storage configurations, and hardware redundancy trade-offs
  • Edgecore DCS510 – AS9716-32D

OcNOS 6.4 for Data Center

Edgecore AS9716-32D is a high-performance 400G QSFP-DD super-spine switch with a 12.8T switching capacity.

Super-spine layer is the bottleneck for data center bandwidth growth. By migrating from 100G super-spine switches to 400G super-spine switches, more data center pods like the existing ones can be added as the starting step in upgrading the data center network.

 Highlights of HW features:

    • 32 x 400G QSFP-DD switch ports
    • Broadcom Tomahawk 3
    • Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm): 438.4 x 536 x 43.1
  • UfiSpace S8901-54XC

OcNOS 6.4 for Data CenterUfiSpace S8901-54XC is a high-performance 25G SFP28 leaf/TOR switch with a 2T switching capacity.

With its optimized size, the device is ideally suited to fit existing racks with lesser depth. The TOR switch comes in a compact form factor with a depth of only 440mm.

Highlights of HW features:

    • 48 x 25G SFP28 & 6 x 100G QSFP28 ports
    • Broadcom Trident 3 x5
    • Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm): 440x440x43.8
  • UfiSpace S6301-56ST

OcNOS 6.4 for Data Center

UfiSpace S6301-56ST is a next-generation data center management switch featuring 48 x 1G RJ-45 ports and 8 x 10G SFP+ ports with a 128 Gbps switching capacity.

With the OcNOS Data Center and UfiSpace S6301-56ST management switch bundle, data center operators can cut costs, promote scalability, and customize leading networking technology to fit their unique needs. For example, the IP Infusion management switch supports network resiliency features when functioning as a gateway at the edge of the data center connecting to an external management network for continuous remote management access to data center devices. VxLAN network overlay is also supported for data center operators to extend a virtual L2 connectivity between the remote operating center and the data center device management network.

Highlights of HW features:

    • 48 x 100G/1G RJ-45 & 8 x 10G ports
    • Broadcom Trident 3 x2
    • Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm): 440x440x43.8

Detailed information on the OcNOS 6.4 features and platforms is available in our Feature Matrix available here.

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Alan Huang is the Senior Product Manager, Data Center for IP Infusion.