Industry Experts Confirm IP Infusion OcNOS is a Juniper MX204 Replacement

From the moment it launched in 2009, the Juniper MX204 changed how organizations in virtually every industry built their networks. This SDN-enabled MX204 Universal Routing Platform allowed enterprises, mid-sized businesses, and service providers to expand their metro Ethernet networking needs. 

Fortunately, since then, the rise and end of life announcement of the Juniper MX204 opened the door for alternative open networking solutions, like OcNOS, which is IP Infusion’s Network Operating System. This solution could expedite the migration to disaggregated networking and enable enterprises, service providers, and other entities to meet the internet demands of tomorrow. 

In a recent webinar, IP ArchiTechs’ Senior Network Architect Vince Schuele discussed the features, support experiences, and deployment pros and cons that his team experienced when migrating their clients to disaggregated networking using the Juniper MX204 alternative, OcNOS.

Join us as we explore the insights revealed during the webinar and examine the advantages of disaggregated networking. 

How Is OcNOS a Replacement For Juniper MX204

Upon its launch, the Juniper MX204 immediately stood out from many other solutions that were available at the time. It combined a full-feature set, forwarding capacity, and scalability while having an excellent initial price point. 

So, when it was announced that the Juniper MX204 platform was going end-of-life (EOL), users were understandably disappointed and began their search for a viable replacement. 

The Juniper MX204 EOL was revoked about a year after it was issued, but this revocation only included select platform models. That said, Juniper is moving forward with its plans to sunset many of its MX204 routers.

Even though Juniper quickly walked back its EOL, efforts to find a replacement were already well underway. IP Infusion’s OcNOS rapidly rose to the top of the list, especially after we announced that our disaggregated networking solution would support leading-edge technology like Broadcom’s Qumran2 chipset. According to IP ArchiTechs, this allowed us to enter the market as a capable border and peering router.

IP Infusion OcNOS is Juniper Replacement

During the Webinar, Vince Schuele presented his test results after comparing OcNOS running on UfiSpace’s 9600-72xc versus Juniper’s MX204. Here you can see the platforms summary which was presented in the webinar:

IP Infusion OcNOS is Juniper Replacement

After the Webinar, Vince Schuele published further test results showing 4x full tables. 

How IP Infusion and IP ArchiTechs Are Supporting Network Modernization

IP Infusion’s OcNOS solution provides a feature-rich environment that facilitates migration to the disaggregated networking architecture. This makes it an especially appealing alternative to service providers, OEMs, and data centers that want to move beyond the Juniper MX204 system.

As the leading independent network consulting group, IP ArchiTechs utilizes OcNOS in conjunction with various white box routing hardware to support network modernization, expansion, and disaggregation. 

For additional insights into OcNOS, the white box ecosystem in general, and the capabilities of IP ArchiTechs, view the MX204 Alternatives webinar.

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Mani Subramanian is the Director of Marketing for IP Infusion.