End-to-End Disaggregated Network Solutions with OcNOS®

OcNOS brings to its customers a single platform capable of delivering End-to-End Disaggregated Network Solutions. Our vast experience with more than hundreds of thousands of successful field deployment hours ensures that the customers have the best-of-breed solution available for their deployments.

  • OcNOS integrated with various hardware platforms addresses the service provider needs across the Access, Aggregation, Optical Transport and Core network segments.
  • Our Cell Site Router (CSR) capabilities modelled around Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) requirements, delivers the benefits of horizontal and vertical disaggregation to the service provider access nodes.
  • The highly capable Provider Edge (PE) solution fits the aggregation router use case with high-capacity bandwidth enabling ease of scale from 10-100G to 400-800G.
  • Multiple successful global deployments of Optical Transponder solutions have clearly put IP Infusion’s OcNOS as the go-to solution for Optical Transport Networks.
  • Adding to this, the customers have the option to choose our robust Data Center Solution which has been successfully deployed across data centers.

Available across all supported use cases is our advanced Zero Touch Provisioning feature which provides a simplified configuration interface.

OcNOS Architecture enabling Disaggregation

OcNOS’s layered architecture enables the horizontal disaggregation and serves as a key driver for many successful white box deployments. The ease of integrating OcNOS on different platforms has shortened product development time and accelerated time to market.

With its foundation deeply rooted in IEEE, ITU-T and MEF standards, OcNOS is the ideal solution for showcasing vertical disaggregation. OcNOS-based platforms have been successfully deployed and integrated in brown-field networks. This has helped propel customers over the vendor lock-in chasm, providing them the flexibility to choose the best-of-breed solutions that meet their requirements. Also, the versatility of the OcNOS offerings have always been appealing to customers with greenfield deployments.

Using our standards-based design, customers can mitigate the traditional rip and replace approach on their existing nodes and extend their product life cycle. This has brought both CAPEX and OPEX savings as well as provided the flexibility with installations in existing deployments.

OcNOS Solution Overview

Cell Site Router (CSR)

The OcNOS CSR Solution is an advanced, converged, integrated access platform which enables Service Providers to deliver next-level business and consumer services. The solution comprises of the following core components:

  • Multi-vendor CSR hardware platform
  • Fully-featured Disaggregated Network OS for White Box
  • Advanced Network Services like Timing, MPLS, Segment Routing, Layer 2 and Layer 3 support

The OcNOS CSR Solution has been integrated and deployed on white boxes from multiple hardware vendors. The compact hardware platforms have been optimized for both Central Office and outdoor deployments, having advanced interfaces with a rich set of QoS capabilities, flexible management options and integrated timing support.

The OcNOS CSR Solution provides a feature rich solution that meets the Telecom Infra Project requirements for a DCSG. The key features can be summarized as below:

  • Support for 10/25/100GE ports
  • Timing synchronization features (SyncE, PTP)
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 Support
  • Multi-Protocol Label Switch (MPLS)
  • Carrier Ethernet
  • Quality of Service
  • Management Capability

In the evolving 5G telecom networks, OCNOS CSR Solution can be easily configured to provide the customer the option for a Private 5G network deployment.

The OcNOS CSR Solution can be positioned as a Fronthaul Gateway with support for O-RAN compliant Radio, EPC core and CPRI/e-CPRI interfaces becoming available in the upcoming releases.

The planned support for microwave interface will also allow the OcNOS CSR Solution to address the OpenSoftHaul requirements from TIP.

Provider Edge (PE) Networking

The world’s first disaggregated 5G-ready mobile backhaul solution at Sky Brazil uses the OcNOS PE capabilities. The deployment is built around the following key features:

  • MPLS transport-based mobile backhaul
  • Fast re-routing with full redundancy
  • Service OAM capabilities

OcNOS PE Solution provides the scaling capability from 10-100G to 400-800G using tunable transceivers which can significantly reduce the costs for the network providers.

It supports IP/MPLS/CE for any kind of L2/L3 VPN, with capacities from 60 Gbps to 1.2 Tbps. The upcoming releases will have a flattened control plane based on SR/SRv6, making the networks simple and at the same time scalable from 10/100/400 Gbps with increasing port counts.

Optical Transport Networks

The OcNOS Optical Transport Network (OTN) Solution provides a rich feature set for the optical transponder use case.

  • L1 cross connect for transponder use-case
  • L2/L3 switch for packet transponder application
  • Configuration, monitoring & debugging of optical line
  • Open API and management interfaces (Transponder Abstraction Interface – TAI)

The OTN solution is targeted for the following use cases:

  • Interconnecting edge data centers
  • Fiber backhaul for RAN densification
  • Metro ring topology
  • Service provider traffic long haul (2000 km) @ 200 Gbps

Datacenters and Datacenter Interconnect

OcNOS DC is an ideal solution to build both Layer-3 and Layer-2 data center fabric as it provides a rich set of robust control plane features, delivering lower network costs and at the same time providing vendors the best of breed selection for hardware platforms.

The OcNOS DC solution can be used for the following:

  • Traditional Layer 2 and Layer 3 data centers
  • CLOS topology (Layer 3 eBGP based)
  • EVPN-VxLAN overlay with a layer 3 CLOS design

Additionally, the OcNOS DC is also able to address the customer requirements for edge data centers with the following key features:

  • BGP-based IP fabric
  • EVPN-VxLAN as overlay on top of IP Fabric

Passive Optical Networks (PON)

PON complements the access networks to provide broadband residential and enterprise services.

While different vendors offer different sets of features for OLT support, OcNOS provides a superset of features:

  • Automatic and manual ONU discovery and provisioning
    • Different ONU profiles
  • Subscriber flows configuration
    • Different flow types (1:1, N:1, multicast – IPTV support, VoIP)
    • Different QoS, alarm and translation profiles
  • Rogue ONU detection and isolation
  • Remote software upgrade
  • GPON and XGS PON
  • DHCP and PPoE relay with option82

In addition to supporting white-box OLTs, OcNOS supports the less expensive TiBiT microplugs where OcNOS itself is virtualized. This means a TiBiT microplug can be plugged into any OcNOS-powered white-box switch as well as any other white-box switch, capable of running an x86 virtual machine.


OcNOS is the solution of choice to address all modern network challenges, helping the service providers to satisfy increased bandwidth demands, at any segment of the network, hence it provides a unified, end-to-end solution. To upgrade the network, OcNOS does not require to rip- and-replace but rather seamlessly works with all legacy features as well as enabling the latest innovations. OcNOS provides a foundation and leverage for customers to break a single-vendor lock-in and reap all the benefits of network disaggregation. Finally, OcNOS interoperates with any network orchestration system via open standardized interfaces.