Download and Test Drive OcNOS VM Today for Free

It can be difficult to get the hardware you need without a delay, especially because of ongoing supply chain issues. Leaders at service providers and data centers can sit around and wait for their equipment to come in, or they can find ways to set themselves up for success once the hardware arrives. IP Infusion’s OcNOS VM software provides a way to test drive your configuration while you wait for your order to come in. This is the way to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running when that hardware arrives.

About OcNOS VM

OcNOS is the only operating system that supports a wide spectrum of hardware platforms and chipsets for open networking. This makes it especially valuable when managed service providers and data centers are waiting for additional hardware to come in. Network disaggregation with a flexible OS allows businesses to overcome supply chain issues and hardware shortages.

The OcNOS VM from IP Infusion offers a way to get familiar with OcNOS, even before you have your hardware in place. OcNOS VM allows you to validate configurations at your own pace and at no cost. The free virtual machine can help test and validate configurations that include L2, L3, and MPLS features. OcNOS VM is compatible with popular hypervisors including KVM, VirtualBox, and VMware.

Virtual Machine Solution

If you’re already used to another popular OS provider such as Cisco, you will likely find it especially easy to use OcNOS with no problems. People who are experienced with Cisco CLIs say that they find OcNOS and OcNOS VM simple, straightforward, and intuitive. OcNOS VM allows you to confirm that the transition will be easy for you, and you can take this test drive for free, even if you don’t have your hardware yet.

The virtual machine offers the exact same look and feel. Once you explore potential configurations in OcNOS VM, you’re ready to get up and running immediately when your hardware arrives. OcNOS already has a reputation for working with multiple types of hardware. Now it’s available for free to reduce your risk even further.

OcNOS VM Is OcNOS Without Production Data

While OcNOS VM provides an exact look at how you can configure OcNOS, it is not built for production environments. Unlike OcNOS itself, the free OcNOS VM is not intended to run as production switches or carry production data traffic. While taking OcNOS VM for a test drive will help you implement OcNOS more quickly when your equipment arrives, it is not a direct replacement.

What to Expect

When you try OcNOS VM, you’ll have everything you need to test open networking configurations. Upon completing a simple form, you can choose the disk image for your preferred hypervisor. VirtualBox, VMware and KVM hypervisors are supported. VM image, Quick Start guide and Configuration documents are provided.

Who Might Take OcNOS VM for a Test Drive

OcNOS (and its free version through OcNOS VM) are best suited for service providers and data centers. Common deployments include open networking hardware from vendors like Edgecore and UfiSpace, for example, and software from IP Infusion. If you’re looking for a top alternative to Cisco, OcNOS VM will show you another option.

To start exploring OcNOS VM today, start your download . Our experienced team is also available to answer any additional questions and help you make the most of your free test drive of OcNOS VM. Next, we will provide OcNOS VM in GNS3 Users Guide.

Mani Subramanian is the Director of Marketing for IP Infusion.