Disaggregated Networking In Demand

Networking software was front and center amongst the financial community recently when DriveNets, a vendor of disaggregated routing software, announced another round of funding to the tune of $262M. DriveNets provides software-based routing products to allow service providers the ability to run networking services on generic white-box hardware, drastically reducing capital costs for networking equipment. DriveNets has now raised more than $580 million in total funding, and this latest round included many repeat investors from previous rounds, indicating continued confidence in the strength of the software market, and open networking in particular.

The networking market as it currently exists is ripe for disruption, with legacy equipment providers facing growth challenges on many different fronts. The disaggregated model, which includes heterogeneous network equipment serviced by a networking operating system (NOS), today more than ever provides a compelling alternative to monolithic, single vendor paradigms. In the past, open networking involved a lot of ‘roll your own’ solutions, but as the market is no longer a novelty, production-ready networking products based on open networking standards now offer a real-world alternative to the legacy model. Technology stories from vendors like DriveNets affirms this market opportunity, and IP Infusion has been capitalizing on this opportunity for over 20 years as one of the biggest and best-known network operating system vendors. Our flagship product, OcNOS, has over 10K+ carrier grade deployments.

Service providers, data centers, and OEM customers looking for an open networking solution partner can turn to IP Infusion for one of the most complete, mature and field-tested disaggregated network software platforms available. Now on Version 6, with new features to accommodate Terabit-scale switching bandwidth and 5G support, OcNOS is identified by the technology community as the most complete NOS platform on the market today, ranking better than incumbent providers including Cisco, Juniper and Nokia.
The OcNOS platform advantage includes the broadest range of use cases for Provider Edge (PE), Aggregation Routing, Cell Site Router (CSR), Routed Optical Networking and more.
“GigaOm’s NOS market assessment revealed that IP Infusion is a leader and outperformer across all three market segments,” said Ivan McPhee, GigaOm Analyst. “With more than 20 years of experience, hundreds of customers and thousands of deployments, IP Infusion offers a mature, complete software platform solution that provides an industry alternative to established incumbents.”

IP Infusion And Fujitsu: Open 5G Networking

IP Infusion recently announced a strategic alliance with Fujitsu Network Communications. Fujitsu will add IP Infusion’s bundle of OcNOS® software and whitebox hardware to their optical and packet networking product portfolio.
This collaboration allows network owners to:

  • Further enable openness and scalability across a wide range of use cases throughout their packet networks.
  • Provide an open, cost-effective and scalable edge transport system.
  • Deploy Cell Site Routing (CSR) operation with seamless migration for 4G and 5G transport.

“IP Infusion’s OcNOS networking software platform expands the Fujitsu Network Communications transport toolbox to support any 5G mobile xHaul and aggregation configuration,” said Paul Havala, Head of the Optical Business Division at Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. “This newest offering combined with our Smart xHaul solutions toolbox delivers up to 70% reduction in total cost of ownership for mobile operators, while positioning them to provide transport for emerging private 5G, enterprise, and i4.0 applications.”

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Kelly LeBlanc is the Chief Marketing Officer for IP Infusion.