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Transforming next-gen optical networks with TIP’s Cassini solution

If you weren’t able to join our live webinar on October 6th, no worries! Just click video below to enjoy the session on-demand.

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Watch this webinar on how next-gen optical networks are being transformed with TIP’s Cassini solution

In this webinar IP Infusion, Edgecore Networks, Whitestack and the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) will discuss the industry collaboration deployment for the first disaggregated optical networks in Latin America. In the webinar, you will learn how telecommunication providers can increase network capacities for major cities by deploying the new software-defined IP network based on the industry’s first open optical packet transponder. Edgecore hardware with OcNOS® from IP Infusion was deployed in the first trial by Whitestack in Latin America.

Srikanth Krishnamohan Director of Product Marketing

Matt Roman VP of Product Management and Marketing

Jóse Miguel Guzmán Sr. Network Consultant

Dave Hutton Chief Architect