Telecom Infra Project Summit:
Don’t Forget To TIP Your Server

IP Infusion and Telecom Infra Project

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity at IP Infusion. I was able to meet up with some of our exciting technology partners, customers and influencers at the Fyuz Telecom Infra Project Summit, which took place in Madrid at the end of October. The TIP Summit had been on hiatus due to the pandemic, so this was the first in-person conference in a little while. The conference floor was a great mix of socializing and learning, with many vendors displaying their latest products and announcements in open and standards-based networking. We were prepared with several announcements to demonstrate our market positioning in this fast-growing industry.

IP Infusion and Extreme Labs

Telecom Infra Project Summit

Extreme Labs is an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) focused on Internet optimization. They currently operate the largest IXP in India, servicing more than 35 data centers across the country. Extreme Labs has chosen IP Infusion OcNOS for network disaggregation, and together with distributor EPS Global, coordinated a platform strategy with Edgecore hardware.

Extreme Labs’ fabric architecture brings high efficiency and low latency to the network by reducing the distance between endpoints.  IP Infusion’s OcNOS solution enables Extreme Labs to deploy advanced connectivity features including Virtual Extensible LAN (VxLAN) for scalability and resiliency, as well as hardened security protocols that provide strong and restricted port security, traffic shaping and DDoS-protection storm control.

IP Infusion and Marvell Semiconductors

Telecom Infra Project Summit

IP Infusion is collaborating with Marvell Semiconductors to develop new Ethernet switching solutions to intelligently enable secure and efficient data transport in Service Provider networks. The carrier market historically has been resistant to open networking, but the exponential growth of mobile devices, cloud applications and virtualization demands a dynamic compute, networking and storage capability. IP Infusion software, with a pedigree of proven performance for carrier grade applications, is a natural partner for a manufacturer such as Marvell.

Telecom Infra Project Summit

With the proliferation of 5G, including its growing use in private networks, edge cloud and industrial IoT, network architectures have evolved to a more distributed and virtualized model. To operate within this new model, software and hardware network components must be more flexible than in the past. The new solutions, which include IP Infusion’s OcNOS software and Marvell’s switch silicon, will be built with the flexibility and feature depth needed to fulfill the imminent needs of the radio access and carrier edge networks to support 5G transformation.

From The Fyuz TIP Summit Show Floor in Madrid

Telecom Infra Project Summit

Kelly LeBlanc is the Chief Marketing and Product Officer for IP Infusion.