Solutions & Technology Briefs

As the pace of innovation in the connected world increases, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) must innovate quickly enough to accommodate billions of new mobile users, the advent of Big Data, and the emergence of IT as a service.

Software-defined networking (SDN), with its ability to adapt quickly to new situations and higher workloads, is the ideal ap­proach for NEMs who want to implement a common network software platform across their product lines. By standardizing the platform, you can streamline your development process and re­duce testing and training costs. A common platform also lets you take advantage of cost-effective merchant silicon and reduce silicon vendor lock-in, thereby accelerating time-to-market and reducing costs.

IP Infusion is at the forefront of the SDN revolution. Our ZebOS® routing and switching software has become a core platform for mobile backhaul, carrier transport, and data cen­ter networks. With its comprehensive protocol support and its modular, portable architecture, ZebOS is now being recog­nized by more and more network equipment manufacturers as the software platform of choice for entire product lines.

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