Using OcNOS™ with Dell EMC gives ITConsult’s customers the innovative and competitive edge they needed

3rd Feb 2017

One of our customers, ITConsult, needed a MPLS Interconnect solution and found that our OcNOS network operating system is proving to be an excellent solution. ITConsult provides IT services to mid and high-end customers across Australia. They pride themselves in delivering their clients with a more personalized, responsive type of IT outsourcing which results in a more customer-centric approach.

Their challenge was that they needed to deliver reliable and flexible WAN connectivity to their customers including L2 and L3 connectivity to multiple locations with speeds up to 10Gbps. They needed to find a solution which is low cost for their end client that still maintained the high service levels the customer had with their current solution. As their business grew, their existing infrastructure, based on simple L2 and L3 technologies, could not easily provide the virtualization needed to support increasing customer’s separation within a common infrastructure.

Their business requirement was simple: Provide the equivalent level of service, but go the extra mile to provide lower capital expenditures (CAPEX) and lower operating expenses (OPEX) by using innovative open networking solutions, at higher speeds with increased port density.

So they ITConsult looked across the networking marketplace and discovered Dell EMC Open Networking solutions that could provide MPLS L2 and L3 VPN capabilities for a fraction of the cost of a solution compared to traditional network vendors. Through ITConsult’s partnership with Dell EMC, they were introduced to IP Infusion, a leader in disaggregated networking — specifically for OcNOS™, a network operating system for white box solutions.

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