OcNOS™: Optimized for next generation data center, enterprise network environments

2nd Jul 2015

OcNOS™: Optimized for next generation data center, enterprise network environments

With its design to take advantage of the Open Compute Project enabled commodity or bare-metal hardware, OcNOS reduces CapEx and OpEx for service providers.

OcNOS has an integrated centralized management and provisioning ZebM-based layer, which allows for transaction-based configuration. This provides the key services required for Model-based device Configuration and Orchestration.

ZebOS Technology News

ZebM: Model-based SDN/NFV Element Management

ZebM reduces the time and resources needed to develop network management applications, enabling developers to quickly develop feature rich management services.

At the top of the diagram below, the block labeled EMS/OSS and the terminal icon represents higher-level management systems end user operators. They are the consumers of the management interfaces presented by the device through ZebM. Moving inside the ZebM block, the top layer is the North Bound ZebM management interfaces which are auto-generated by the Toolchain, based on a XML Data Model.

NETCONF and SNMP are popular machine-to-machine and machine-to-human device management protocols which are enabled by ZebM. Command Line Interface (CLI) and WebUI are Human-to-Machine interfaces. The “Other” block represents the possibility to add other management interfaces beside the ones provided by some programming. The ZebM framework is Model Driven. This means that ZebM automatically generates all the management interfaces from a data model. A default rendering of each interface is produced automatically without any programming at all, and is based only on the model. If this model is updated, that change is automatically reflected in all management interfaces.

Interface Masters Technologies Partnership Based on OcNOS

IP Infusion announced a partnership with Interface Masters Technologies, a leading vendor and manufacturer of high speed networking solutions, where the companies will cooperate by providing a system solution including IP Infusion’s new OcNOS, the first, full-featured network operating system for data center and enterprise networking, and Interface Masters Technologies’ Niagara 29xx OCP product line, to enter the rapidly evolving market for white box switches that are based on the Open Compute standards. With support for common software for multiple deployments and hardware, OcNOS gives carrier and enterprise class customers the foundation for a network that is much faster, simpler and more affordable.

Interface Masters Technologies, a provider of high speed networking solutions, develops Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit Ethernet network access and network connectivity products. Interface Masters has been an OCP member contributing multiple white box designs to the project while supporting customer development and SDN products.