Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation

5th Aug 2014

Modern terabit scale aggregation, transport and data center networks are powering businesses through a new generation of business critical, time sensitive high bandwidth applications and services. Software-defined networking, data center virtualization, cloud computing, high-performance computing, data warehousing, and disaster recovery strategies, among others prevalent in the current networking environment, are prompting a whole new set of bandwidth demands on the data center network infrastructure.

Overview of ZebOS Technology

ZebOS-XP® supports Shortest Path Bridging (SPB)

In the last decade, traditional Ethernet model has evolved from providing connectivity in Local Area Networks, offering simple PLUG and PLAY networking to providing quality of service guarantees in carrier grade networks with fully featured OAM capabilities.

Latest technological advances in server virtualization has re-shaped the data center traffic flows, increasing bandwidth densities and pushing conventional data center networks to brink. Virtual machine migrations across racks within a data center or between different geographic data centers opened up the need for extending layer 2 networks.

Ensuring redundancy – ZebHA Overview

High availability (HA) is a system design approach to ensure a pre-agreed level of operational performance by minimizing the system downtime. A highly available system ensures a level of resiliency that can provide continued service when a component or the node fails. High availability does not mean that components will never fail, but it ensures that the system is available when the user needs it even if one or more components fail.

ZebOS provides a rich set of middleware abstractions layers for applications to develop HA code without worrying about the underlying implementation.


IP Infusion maintenance team addresses software fixes

Software bugs are the nature of the software business, since no complex software has ever been free of bugs. To handle potential errors reported by IP Infusion’s customers, our customer support team who are devoted to the maintenance of our software solutions, replicates and characterizes all software errors that customers alert us about. Abiding by a stringent quality control process for maintenance and code review, the team releases an average of 20 fixes each month and incorporates the bug fixes in quarterly product release updates. With this team and dedicated adherence to quality control procedures, customers can be satisfied that any software issues are addressed quickly, patch releases identified and distributed, and added to the continuously updated software solutions. Customer specific patches on their branches are provided for blocking issues.

See the Full Performance of ZebOS-XP

The ZebOS-XP software platform provides superior scaling and performance to support current and future multiprocessor hardware platforms, helping ensure scalability well into the future. ZebOS-XP has a 2-4+ times route scaling advantage and up to 8X ECMP route scaling for Layer 3 unicast routing protocols.

For a Performance Summary Report or a full 44-page Performance Product Bulletin, click here.